Who’s on #Smallbizchat June 2019

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#Smallbizchat is a weekly conversation where small business owners can get answers to their questions. The focus of #Smallbizchat is to end small business failure by helping participants succeed as your own boss. 

Please join us live on Twitter every Wednesday from 8-9 pm ET. Here’s how: follow @SmallBizChat on Twitter and follow the hashtag #Smallbizchat and click here for directions to join the weekly conversation. 

In June, we will be covering a lot of topics, including How to Be a Better Salesperson in Your Small Business, How to Use Video to Rehumanize Your Business, and How to Protect the Intellectual Property in Your Small Business. June 16th is our special #Smallbizchat LIVE, which is streamed live on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and we’ll discuss How to Grow a Product-Based Business, How to Prepare Your Business for Digital Transformations, and How to Raise Smallbiz Kids.

Here is a list of who is on #Smallbizchat in June:

June 5th – How to Be a Better Salesperson in Your Small Business with Mike Adams, @MikeAdamsSales

Sales expert, Mike Adams taught himself storytelling ‘on the job’ while selling and managing sales teams for international corporations Schlumberger, Siemens, Nokia and Halliburton. Since 2014, he has been helping companies find and develop their own stories and winning more business through his storytelling consulting practice. He is the author of Seven Stories, Every Salesperson Must Tell. Mike is based in Melbourne, Australia. Learn more at www.thestoryleader.com

June 12th – How to Use Video to Rehumanize Your Business with Ethan Beute, @EthanBeute

Ethan Beute is Vice President of Marketing at BombBomb and author of Rehumanize Your Business: How Personal Videos Accelerate Sales and Improve Customer Experience. (Wiley, April 2019) He has collected and told personal video success stories in hundreds of blog posts, webinars, podcasts, and stage presentations. Learn more at https://bombbomb.com/

April 17th – #Smallbizchat LIVE on Facebook with Amber Malcom, Andrew Au, and Tamara Zantell

Amber MalcomHow to Grow a Product-Based Business with Amber Malcom, @shabbychickcleaners

Amber Malcom, JD is CEO of Shabby Chick Natural Products. She started the company after a personal quest to find 100% natural cleaning products. Today she sells over two dozen household products made from all natural ingredients. She has a 65-hundred square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Duncan, OK where she lives with her husband and children. Her products have been featured on the Home Shopping Network, and they are sold all over the country. Learn more at www.ShabbyChickCleaners.com

Andrew AuHow to Prepare Your Business for Digital Transformation with Andrew Au, @InterceptCanada

Andrew Au is the co-founder of INTERCEPT, a strategic management consultancy based in Toronto and Boston. When companies like Microsoft, FedEx, and 3M want to accelerate their digital transformation journey, they call Andrew. Referred to by Forbes as a “millennial expert,” Andrew Au is a modern business leader who helps global blue-chip brands respond to the new culture and nature of work. Andrew offers dynamic keynotes, interactive workshops and custom research studies for a diverse set of organizations including Microsoft, Harley Davidson, Intuit and a wide variety of trade associations. Learn more at https://interceptgroup.com/

Tamara ZantellHow to Raise Smallbiz Kids with Tamara Zantell, @tamarazantell

Tamara Zantell is Founder of Raising A Mogul, LLC and the CEO of RAM Brand Management, a strategic brand management & consulting firm The mission is simple, give parents the confidence, knowledge, and tools they need to Raise Young Moguls. Learn more at raisingamogul.com

Andrea EvansJune 26th – How to Protect the Intellectual Property in Your Small Business with Andrea Evans, @evansiplaw

Andrea Evans is the owner of the IP law firm, The Law Firm of Andrea Hence Evans, LLC. She is a graduate of George Washington Law School, Spelman College and Georgia Tech. Learn more at www.evansiplaw.com/book


Do you have what it takes to be a guest on #Smallbizchat?

You must be a small business owner, author, or subject matter expert to appear as a guest on #Smallbizchat. This chat is focused on educating our business community. Once your topic is selected, you will be required to submit 12 questions and answers in paragraph form to demonstrate your expertise. For details on how to submit your information to be a guest on #Smallbizchat click here.

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