What Business Podcasts Should I Listen to If Only Have 30 Minutes?

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business podcastsWhen talking to new business owners about increasing their business knowledge, the main reason they give me for not getting more knowledge is that they don’t have time.  On one hand, most new business owners need to be working on their business and staying on top of their day-to-day. On the other hand, things change in business so fast that if you don’t keep up, you’ll find yourself outdated and out of business before you know it and you would’ve ever seen it coming.

For many business owners, carving out time for self-improvement is a huge problem. But time doesn’t have to be a problem for you because I’ve pulled together some extremely impactful business podcasts that give you more cutting-edge information in 30 minutes than you could get in year on your own! Because your time is so precocious, here are some business podcasts my super-busy clients and I listen to that give you great info and are 30 minutes or less.

Marketing School

Hosts: Neil Patel & Eric Siu
Average Length: 5-10 Minutes
Twitter: @neilpatel @ericosiu
Website: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/marketing-school-neil-patel/id1138869817?mt=2

About the Show: Internet marketing gurus Neil Patel and Eric Siu give 5 to 10 minutes of actionable small business marketing advice every day. They provide tips to take your business to the next level and get to work right away. What’s cool about this podcast is that since it’s two of them they basically interview each other to give the advice, and they are always short and sweet.

 Real Money Talks

Host: Loral Langmeyer
Average Length: 30 Minutes
Twitter: @liveoutloud
Website: http://liveoutloud.libsyn.com/

About the Show: Loral Langemeier is on a mission to educate and empower entrepreneurs and all others on how to have important money talks that are straight, to the point, and can be applied to every aspect of your life. She wants to help her listeners create a path to financial freedom!

The $100 MBA Show

Host: Omar Zenhom
Average Length: 10 Minutes
Twitter: @TheOmarZenhom
Website: http://100mba.net/show/

About the Show: The $100 MBA Show focuses on actionable small business tips rather than long interviews. The host Omar interviews guests, but he often shares his own experiences in business. This tight and timely podcast always gives useful and actionable tips for business success.

And if you have a little more than 30 minutes, check out these business podcasts:

Eventual Millionaire

Host: Jaime Masters
Average Length: 45 Minutes
Twitter: @Eventualmillion
Website: http://eventualmillionaire.com/

About the Show: In this podcast, business coach Jaime Masters interviews millionaire entrepreneurs to get them to discuss their biggest failures and successes. Jaime has conducted over 350 podcast interviews

Online Marketing Made Easy

Host: Amy Porterfield
Average Length: 30-45 Minutes
Twitter: @AmyPorterfield

About the Show: Amy Porterfield’s podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy is about all things online marketing. She breaks down how to monetize your online business. Her advice is great for marketing an ecommerce business or blogging for business. Amy brings on guests to discuss all ways you can monetization your brand from video marketing to drip campaigns and leveraging Facebook ads.

Keeping up with all the changes in technology, marketing, and finance can be exhausting, but these business podcasts can help you improve your knowledge easier, quicker, and cheaper every other option out there.

A lot of issues addressed in business podcasts can be easily solved with help a little help, so go to http://succeedasyourownboss.com and click the contact button.  Someone from my team will follow up with you within 24rs, so we can help you be the boss in business that runs smooth, has good margins and allows you to a have quality of life.

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