Top 10 Self-Care Tips for Small Business Owners

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Top 10 Self-Care Tips for Small Business Owners Social ImageAre you ignoring your self-care? Most small business owners are notoriously bad at self-care. All those long hours bent over a laptop, barely sipping a glass a water, and forgetting to have lunch is a road to bad health. Neglectful behavior will catch up to even the most successful entrepreneur, so today, I’m sharing self-care tips to help.

10 Self-Care Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

You do not live to work. Your work is supposed to allow you to live your dream life! Make a list of what you need to have more balance. Look at things like your water intake, how often you relax, and if you have any hobbies outside of work. How good are you at being present? I am sure you can do better; we all can. Here is my 10-point list of things you do today to up your self-care routine and find a better balance.

10 Self-Care Tips for Better Work-Life Balance image1. Try a Slow Start

Don’t be in a race every morning. Start your day in prayer and meditation or listening to inspirational music.

2. Focus on 5 Before 11 am

Outline your top five priorities for the next day before you leave work, then focus on getting them done by 11 am the next day. Anything else you accomplish after that is gravy.

3. Say NO More Often

Keep yourself at the top of your own agenda. Don’t start your day in email, and stop saying YES to impossible deadlines. You are not a machine!

4. Set Boundaries with People

Beware of takers. They are not thinking about you or your business deadlines. Check your friends list. There are people who have a permanent seat on the struggle bus; you can’t save them, so keep your conversations short. You don’t need the drama.

5. Be Kind to Yourself

Only watch three episodes at a time on Netflix, no matter how good the cliff hanger is. Watch your negative self-talk and stop obsessing over mistakes. There is a difference between failing on a task or deadline and actual’ failure.’ 

6. Watch Your Screen Time

Take eye strain breaks every 50 minutes—those laptops are dangerous. Watch your posture too. Invest in a good ergonomic chair, an adjustable standing desk, and a monitor.

Watch Your Screen Time image 

7. Maintain Your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health

You pay for health insurance, so get an annual physical. Too many business owners have chronic health challenges from constant stress. Get exercise daily, even if it’s a 5-minute dance break with the Alexa. A 30-minute walk or run is even better. Keep family first. Make time to Zoom or Facetime with family and friends for a family game night. Pick up the phone and call your family to show your support. Digital hugs are priceless. If you feel like you need to take a mental health day, do it. Cut off all technology and put your’ out of office’ message on. Whatever it takes to recharge, prioritize your health. Don’t hesitate to get professional help if you are struggling with chronic anxiety and self-doubt.

8. Get Good Sleep

It’s easy to develop a pattern of burning the midnight oil, but no one does quality work when there are tired.  Don’t join #teamnosleep. A cluttered mind does not function well. Plus, the body repairs itself between 10 pm and 2 am, so try to get in bed at least by 11 pm. A fresh mind does quality work.

9. Celebrate Something Every Day

Look for something to be grateful for each day. It doesn’t matter how small an accomplishment—just acknowledge it, and there will be more good things to come. 

10. Start Small and Pace Yourself

If you have not been doing the things on this list, start by adding one self-care activity a week. In a few months, you will be enjoying your life a lot more. 

 Do you have any suggestions to add to this self-care list? Let me know below!

Top 10 Self-Care Tips for Small Business Owners infographics

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