TikTok vs. Snapchat: Which One Is Better for Marketing? [Infographic]

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TikTok vs. Snapchat_ Which One Is Better for Marketing_ [Infographic] 1200 x 1200Social media marketing is currently an easy and cost-effective means of reaching out to new customers and increasing your sales.

It’s particularly important when you’re facing a global crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. In other words, the less physical presence you need, the better. Social media marketing allows you to reach out to countless potential customers worldwide without going out.

Maybe this is why a new social media service is emerging every day and each one has a lot of different marketing features. Generally speaking, social networks aren’t solely for socializing and friendly chats, but for business and marketing.

While top networks like Facebook can be used by any kind of business, many platforms are suitable just for specific purposes. For example, LinkedIn is more useful to recruiters, employers, job seekers, etc. Also, Research Gate is a useful platform for writers and researchers to share their results.

Therefore, as a marketer, you have to know which platform is the right choice for your brand that contains a majority of your target audience. For instance, detailed information about different social platforms can show that Instagram is best for online sales.

tiktok vs snapchat social platforms image

Remember that social marketing is all about targeting niche followers not all 3.5 billion social media users. As a result, a good comparison between social media platforms in terms of demographics and marketing features is a must. Please don’t start posting content on a platform unless you are sure that you can easily sell your products using the platform you’ve chosen. 

That is why we gathered experts to compare the marketing features of two popular platforms: TikTok and Snapchat. In fact, if you could similarly compare other social networks, you won’t face any problem in choosing the right platform.

Before reading the differences between TikTok and Snapchat, you’d better know which marketing features are important on social media.

A good social media platform should have the characteristics below:

1. User-friendly

The first important feature of a good social platform is that it should be easy to use. For example, you need to use it on all devices (android, IOS, and webpage) to increase your speed.

A user-friend panel can be of great importance in marketing. Direct messages, save, reply, like, comment, share, and many other capabilities can also make a real difference in your performance.

2. Visual features

Nowadays, social users are interested in multimedia content more than texts. Videos, for example, are the most interesting type of content these days.

That is why internet users watched six hours and 48 minutes of online videos per week in 2019. So the more visual features a platform offers, the better. Try to shift your content towards videos, especially funny ones.

3. Links & cross-promotion

One of the most important SMART goals of every marketer is to redirect its followers to his/her brand’s landing page. So link building features of social services can be very useful for marketing.

Also, a social network should let you cross-promote your content on other platforms. With this feature, you can easily reach out to all potential customers on the top social services.

4. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is now a must for brands, especially for those that are at the start of their business. It is actually one of the most effective techniques for audience reach and brand awareness.

The easier you can reach to influencers on a platform, the better. Some social platforms like Instagram are way better in this regard. Many people try to become an influencer on Instagram to be able to earn money.

So try to search for influencers on each platform to know if it’s good for influencer marketing.

5. Automation & analytics

Finally, this is a perfect option for a platform to be supported by social media automation and analytics tools. Because, with the intense competition in social marketing, you need to be fast and on time.

Social automation tools can provide you with the chance to control all your social accounts with a single dashboard. So you need to choose the platforms that are supported by these tools.

TikTok vs. Snapchat infographic

headshot tom siani imageAbout the Author: Tom Siani is the content manager of blogwaves.com with more than 5 years of experience in this digital industry. He is also collaborating with some well-known brands in order to generate traffic, create sales funnels, and increase online sales. He has written a considerable number of articles about social media marketing, brand marketing, blogging, search visibility, etc.

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