The SmallBizChat Podcast: When You Hate Your Business

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When You Hate Your Business 1200 x 1200

Starting your business can be an exciting, exhilarating adventure. In the beginning, you spend your time networking, building rapport, learning new skills, and creating your products or services that customers will love. But over time, as your business begins to evolve and grow and your responsibilities begin to increase – so does your levels of stress and anxiety.

This stress and anxiety can often lead to burnout and feelings of resentment. And that, my friend, can cause you to begin to hate your business eventually.

In today’s episode, I share the revolutionary moment that I realized I hated my business and the lessons I learned throughout this experience. I share how being a workaholic can impact your health and happiness. I also share the formula you need to evaluate the way you’re running your business and explain how to use this formula to fall back in love with your business again.

“At the end of the day, you’ve got to persevere. You’ve got to stay strong enough, long enough, to win in business.” – Melinda Emerson

Listen to the podcast below:

Here’s what you’ll learn on this episode:

  • The revolutionary moment I realized I hated my business
  • How being a workaholic impacts your health and happiness as an entrepreneur
  • How developing strong support systems can help you fall in love with your business again
  • Identifying the pain points that are causing you to hate your business
  • Reconnecting with your ‘why’ and identifying why you want to continue your business
  • Evaluating issues with your staff and how you may have contributed to those problems
  • The importance of establishing a nurturing culture
  • The importance of treating your family the way you would treat your best customer
  • Evaluating your numbers and profit margins
  • How outdated or dysfunctional business processes can drive you to hate your business
  • Using technology and automation to make your business run smoothly
  • Reviewing and analyzing KPI’s
  • Developing an organized sales process and identifying how you generate leads
  • Developing and updating your strategic plan

Your SmallBizChat Action Point for the Week:

  1. Make the decision that you are finally ready to fix what is going wrong in your business. It’s not like you don’t know what’s wrong.

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