The SmallBizChat Podcast: The Real Social Media Game: Being Profitable vs Popular with Lamar Tyler

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The Real Social Media Game: Being Profitable vs Popular with Lamar Tyler 1200 x 1200Lamar Tyler is the CEO of digital marketing agency Traffic Sales and Profit and the founder of Tyler New Media. Alongside his wife, Ronnie, Lamar launched his blog Black and Married With Kids, an international brand that now has over 35,000 customers spanning 43 countries across all 50 states. Lamar is an esteemed internet marketing expert and was selected as one of Ebony Magazine’s Power 100 and as a finalist for Infusionsoft’s Small Business ICON award.

Lamar joins me today to discuss his business successes and insights into how to monetize your brand and grow your following. He explains how to utilize social media to your advantage and why it is crucial to be ready to pivot with the changing times. Lamar also highlights the importance of having systems in place, how to target custom audiences, and whether it is better to be profitable or popular.

“You have to know who that avatar is, who you’re speaking to. Different people live on different platforms.” Lamar Tyler

Listen to the podcast below:


Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Lamar’s strategy with his blog, why he created it, and how he monetized it
  • How Lamar cultivated and grew his brand audience through a variety of mediums, including documentary films
  • Examples of how the social media landscape has changed over time, the importance of staying on the pulse, and how advertising fits in
  • Lamar’s thoughts on paid versus organic content and how to achieve optimal visibility
  • How data can increase your perspective and help you analyze and tweak aspects of your strategy
  • The tools and resources entrepreneurs have access to in the current digital landscape
  • One of the most significant needs Lamar sees for small business owners
  • Whether you should write your own sales copy or hire someone else
  • The importance of knowing your audience and objectives and whether the “best” converting platform is the same for all brands
  • How Lamar reverse-engineered his experiences at other conferences to improve his brand’s events
  • The best business advice Lamar has ever received

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Lamar:

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