The SmallBizChat Podcast: The Knowledge Economy with Rick Shant Koletavitoglu

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The Knowledge Economy with Rick Shant Koletavitoglu 1200 x 1200Rick Shant Koletavitoglu is the Founder and CEO of 150birds, an omnichannel marketing platform assisting small businesses through tailored strategies. Rick founded CreatorDen, which became a leading marketing program working with brands such as Netflix, Wella, Pantene, and Procter & Gamble. While working as a freelance marketing consultant in Silicon Valley, Rick spotted a gap in the market for recruiting and managing specialists through marketplaces. This led him to create 150birds. Now, he works with small companies to develop strategies and curate a custom “flock” of freelance experts for each business.

Today, Rick recounts his emergence in the marketing industry and shares his belief that marketing is broken today. He reveals the most effective marketing strategies in the coming years and the top reasons marketing activities fail for small businesses. He explains why marketing tools are essential and how the gig economy has changed the marketing landscape. Rick also discloses what the knowledge economy is and how the customer journey map has changed.

“This next decade is all about the knowledge economy coming online.” – Rick Shant Koletavitoglu

Listen to the podcast below:


Rick Shant Koletavitoglu the knowledge economy

This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • How Rick started in the marketing business
  • Why Rick believes marketing is broken today
  • What the most effective marketing approach will be in the coming years
  • The top reasons marketing efforts fail for small businesses
  • Why marketing tools are essential for small business owners
  • How the gig entrepreneur industry has changed small business marketing
  • What the knowledge economy is and how it will increase over the next decade
  • How the customer journey map has changed over the years
  • Why Rick called his business 150birds and what they do

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Rick Shant Koletavitoglu:

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