The SmallBizChat Podcast: Small Business Taxes Made Easy with Eva Rosenberg

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Small Business Taxes Made Easy with Eva Rosenberg social imageTax expert Eva Rosenberg is a certified public accountant, reputed tax writer, and the founder of, with over thirty years of experience in the financial sector. Eva is the author of multiple books on taxes, including The Tax Anxiety Xperience – a T.A.X. Planning Guide, Deduct Everything!, and Small Business Taxes Made Easy, which Entrepreneur Magazine deemed one of the best tax books of 2005. Eva is also a TaxWatch columnist for Dow Jones and a public speaker and teacher, sharing her insights on platforms including U.S.C.’s School of Engineering’s Interactive Instructional Television Network. She is also the host of the TaxQuips podcast.

Eva joins me today to share insights into managing your business taxes so you can approach filing confidently and strategically. She shares insights that all small business owners should know about regarding the latest tax reform and how to avoid unnecessary penalties and costs. Eva also highlights the value of working with the right tax professional as you go through the filing process and answers common questions small business owners tend to have when it comes to deductions.

“If you’re in business, it is your responsibility to sit down with a good tax professional.” –  Eva Rosenberg

Listen to the podcast below:


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Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why you shouldn’t trust your gut when it comes to making decisions as a business leader
  • Why half of all small businesses fail within the first five years
  • Things to keep in mind when it comes to filing this year’s taxes
  • When business taxes are due and how to avoid penalties
  • What type of professional you need to help you with your business taxes, who to stay away from, and why sitting down with the right person is essential
  • Insights into the new tax reform law and how the Secure Act will impact business
  • Whether all business owners should put their business on extension, and what that involves
  • The “secret” form that will allow you additional time to pay your taxes
  • Whether there are any unique tax benefits for gig workers or freelancers
  • The most common tax deductions that people miss
  • Why you should track your out-of-pocket cash spending
  • Tax limits when it comes to buying gifts for clients
  • The “what’s in it for me” concept and how it applies to marketing and sales

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