The SmallBizChat Podcast: Small Business Recovery Through Collaboration with Dave Walker

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Dave Walker is the founder of the B2SMB Institute, an organization that helps Business-to-Small-Business brands keep winning when working with small business customers. He has worked for 30 years as a business innovator with Fortune 50 companies and lean startups that are scaling to build their offering and grow their revenue in the small business market. He lives for innovation but loves execution. With methodical research and bursts of creativity, Dave loves big picture vision but trusts facts, agility, and sweat. His work with the B2SMB Institute champions Small-Business-centric thinking and practice to ensure brands provide services that help small businesses to keep growing.

In today’s episode, Dave shares how the B2SMB Institute advocates for small businesses with big brands to help them best work with each other. He reveals how the institute has grown over the years to work with professional brands across various industry sectors. He shares his thoughts on how small businesses are doing as we come out of the pandemic and why it has significantly impacted minority-owned companies. He highlights how the pandemic is causing a boom in new business start-ups and how brands got it right when supporting business customers. Dave also shares the work he has been doing with his brand partners to help them better understand their small business customers and the free virtual SmallBizAid event that will help build these connections as businesses recover from the pandemic.

“We have to now, as a community of brands that sell to small businesses, we’ve got to exceed expectations in a very big way.” – Dave Walker

Listen to the podcast below:


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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • What Dave and the B2SMB Institute does to advocate for small businesses
  • How the institute has grown to represent professionals across many industries
  • The state of small businesses coming out of the pandemic
  • Why many small businesses operated by minorities and women have been so adversely affected
  • How the pandemic has caused a boom in business startups
  • Brands that got it right when helping small businesses throughout the pandemic
  • The work that Dave does with his brand partners
  • Information on SmallBizAid virtual event in June

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Dave Walker:

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