The SmallBizChat Podcast: Scaling SmallBiz: Be All In! with David Weiss

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Scaling SmallBiz_ Be All In! with David Weiss
 IG ImageDavid Weiss is a New York City-based entrepreneur and co-founder of Selffee, a brand activation company with products including edible photo booths and edible selfies. Before his work at Selffee, David served as a sales executive for Fashion Avenue Knits, collaborating with merchandisers and designers in the development of brand apparel lines while also overseeing and generating sales. David is an alumnus of the University of Delaware Lerner College of Business and Economics, where he graduated with a degree in marketing.

David joins me today to highlight his growth strategies with Selffee and his mindset when it comes to sales and marketing. He shares the importance of effective brand positioning and outreach, and why being intensely invested in your work is essential to your success. David also discusses networking foleys, business cards, and how to make professional connections aside from merely talking about your business.

When you’re ready to get serious about it, and you’re ready to really stay after it, then it’s a beautiful thing.” – David Weiss

Listen to the podcast below:


Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Whether anyone ever truly becomes an expert at something
  • The importance of tenacity and being “all in” in the start-up world and beyond
  • David’s thoughts on work-life balance, and whether it can exist while building a brand
  • The truth about sacrifice and commitment as you work to grow your business
  • The growth of Selffee, and what David attributes the brand’s ability to scale to
  • Things to consider when it comes to sales outreach
  • What characterizes David’s marketing mindset, both offline and online
  • David’s perspective on business cards and a unique way he has approached his business card
  • How to determine whether your marketing tactics are worth the investment
  • The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to networking
  • The importance of being creative and natural with how you make professional connections
  • Powerful email tools that David uses to aid with follow-ups
  • How many follow-ups are necessary to garner a response

Connect with David Weiss:

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