The SmallBizChat Podcast: Refreshing Your Brand in 2020 with Naly Rice

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Refreshing Your Brand in 2020 with Naly Rice 1200 x 1200Naly Rice is a writer, speaker, media personality, and business leader. She is the founder and CEO of the full-service digital marketing company, LN Creative Group (LNGC), and has extensive experience in marketing, formerly serving as the Director of Marketing for Edge Hosting, LLC and SemaConnect. Naly also serves as chief blogger for her career and lifestyle website, which reaches 200K readers globally and empowers women through knowledge-sharing and inspiration.

Naly joins me today to discuss what you need to know about rebranding your business in 2020.  She shares some of her best advice for brand visibility and the importance of consistency in your branding efforts. She discusses how to approach branding, even with a small budget, and explains what a “brand guide” is and why every company should have one. Naly also highlights resources for creating brand assets that are consistent across all platforms and why you need to consider brand experience, not just brand appearance.

“You have to really embody your brand as a CEO.” –  Naly Rice

Listen to the podcast below:


Refreshing Your Brand in 2020 with Naly Rice Quote

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why it is essential for small businesses to pay attention to their branding
  • How to approach branding, even with a minimal budget
  • Identifying the right time to adjust your branding
  • How the visuals you use impact your overall branding
  • What the timeline typically is for recreating your company logo and how much it could cost
  • What to be careful of when it comes to using design websites
  • What a brand guide is and why you should create one
  • Tools you can use to ensure consistent branding across social platforms
  • Leveraging voice marketing and how to effectively add voice to your brand
  • How to ensure that your customers have a positive brand experience and where to begin
  • How to strategically roll out your rebrand

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Naly Rice:

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