The SmallBizChat Podcast: Ode to Kobe

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Ode to Kobe

Kobe Bryant may be known for his athletic abilities, but the truth is that beyond his basketball skills, Kobe had notable strengths in the areas of business and leadership. As someone who has lived in Philadelphia for several years and worked as a television producer in the area, I have a lot of memories related to Kobe Bryant dating back to his high school years. With Kobe’s tragic passing this month, I have been reflecting on his life, legacy, and philosophies on life and leadership that can be applied to the business context and beyond.

Today, I reflect on Kobe Bryant’s legacy on and off the basketball court and how you can apply Kobe’s insight to how you approach your life and career. I discuss the importance of legacy, and why you need to take the “dash” in your life, between when you are born and when you die, seriously. I also highlight the importance of identifying how you want to impact people with your work and ultimately leave your mark on the world.

“How you live is how you love.” – Melinda Emerson

Listen to the podcast below:

Here’s what you’ll learn on this episode:

  • Kobe Bryant’s personal growth and development throughout his life and career
  • Kobe’s dedication to the next generation
  • The importance of working hard and investing extensive effort into achieving your goals
  • Kobe’s relationship with failure and self-doubt and how he approached his insecurities
  • Kobe’s leadership qualities and his belief in the importance of inspiring others
  • How Kobe’s mindset relates to how we must think about business growth
  • Whether you ever truly lose in business and why it’s okay to twist and turn as you grow
  • What we must sacrifice when we invest in any significant life choice and why it’s crucial to commit to your choices fully
  • What you should worry about more than your fear of failure
  • Why you should always be on the lookout for inspiration
  • Why you should focus on who and what you love, not just your work alone
  • The importance of leaving people better than you found them and building a legacy in honor of those you love

Your SmallBizChat Action Point for the Week:

  • Reflect on your legacy. If you passed away today, what would be the impact for those left behind? Think about how your family, employees, customers, clients, etc., would be affected by your legacy, taking the potential positive and negative impacts of your current decisions into consideration. Determine what personal and professional changes you wish to make today in order to build an even more sustainable legacy for those you love.

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