The SmallBizChat Podcast: Mastering Your Brand Story with Kim I. Plyler

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Mastering Your Brand Story with Kim I. Plyler
 Featured ImageKim I. Plyler is the CEO and president of SahlComm Inc., a public relations and creative communications firm based in Pennsylvania. Kim is a public speaker, PR strategist, Certified Optimize Coach, and author of Master Your Story, It Matters! She has written speeches for admirals in the US navy, has an education in theatre with a Bachelor of Arts degree from DeSales University, and attended The Defense Information School for Journalism, Public Affairs, and Media Relations. Kim has traveled the world, inspiring her to become a storyteller at heart.

Kim joins me today to discuss how to master your brand story. She shares why authenticity in your narrative is a vital part of connecting with your audience. She discusses the importance of looking inward to find out who you are and why failures are powerful lessons that will point you in the right direction to move your business forward. She shares tips for refreshing your brand and highlights why it is vital to discover people’s perception of you and your business. Kim also shares her favorite marketing tips, business apps, and podcasts.

“The best place to learn is when you fail because that’s when you start to look internally and you start to see, really, what you are.” –  Kim I. Plyler

Listen to the podcast below:


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Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why businesses need to understand their company narrative and the importance of authenticity
  • Why you should look internally to discover who you are and what you want to do
  • How to use your brand story to connect with people and your target audience
  • How to use the lessons of a business failure to move forward
  • New trends in communication that are leveling the playing field between small businesses and huge corporations
  • Where to start when refurbishing your brand
  • Why it is vital to listen to how people perceive your brand
  • Kim’s best marketing advice for start-up businesses
  • Kim’s favorite business app, old school marketing tip, and podcast

Resources Mentioned:

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