The SmallBizChat Podcast: Mastering Money Mindset with Vanessa A. Lindley

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Mastering Money Mindset with Vanessa A. Lindley Featured ImageVanessa A. Lindley is a consultant, speaker, coach, and the CEO of The Lindley Consulting Group, LLC., a personal and professional development consultancy. Throughout her career, Vanessa has worked with brands including Citi, Chase, National Urban League, and the Children’s Aid Society. Vanessa is also a guest lecturer at Columbia University, the author of Achieve Financial Victory: 7 Ways to Win With Your Money, and contributes her financial expertise to Women of More Magazine.

Vanessa joins me today to share how your approach to finances can impact your personal and professional life. She discusses what wealth truly is and how to handle your budget as a business owner and as an individual. Vanessa highlights common ways people find themselves in debt and how to get rid of debt strategically. Vanessa also shares her favorite old-school marketing tip and why she believes you should not go it alone when it comes to financial planning.

“You should be starting with the end in mind.” –  Vanessa A. Lindley

Listen to the podcast below:


Vanessa A. Lindley
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Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How money mindset shows up when it comes to both personal and professional finances
  • The importance of knowing your numbers and why you shouldn’t avoid your finances out of fear
  • How Vanessa defines wealth and how to truly achieve it
  • How to plan for the future financially as a small business owner
  • How often you should evaluate both your personal and business budget
  • Why it is crucial to keep your personal and business finances distinct
  • Why you need to have an emergency fund
  • Three reasons why people typically end up in debt and three methods for getting out of debt
  • The importance of working with a financial professional as you approach your money
  • The value of connecting with people as a marketing strategy

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