The SmallBizChat Podcast: Making Your Side Hustle Your Main Business with John Clidy

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Making Your Side Hustle Your Main Business with John Clidy 1200 x 1200John Clidy is a retired State Trooper and began selling real estate while pursuing his career with the New Jersey State Police. He gave up his six-figure salary and pension to pursue his dream of being a real estate business owner full-time in 2014. He is involved in real estate in numerous ways, including being the Operating Principal of Keller Williams Realty Washington Township, KW Regional Director of the Greater PA Region, and an investor in 5 market centers. He believes you need to go after your dreams if you want to be successful and 100% happy with your life.

John joins me to discuss how he went from a career in law enforcement to a highly successful real estate company. He shares how you can find the courage to transition yourself and the infrastructure you will need to succeed. He discusses how long he conducted his side business and why he decided it was time to take it to the next level. He also shares the many lessons he has learned while developing his company and the leadership skills he is using to help his team during the current challenging times due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“It’s smart to start anything out as a side hustle. You’ve got be smart – you’ve got to think about more than just yourself.” – John Clidy

Listen to the podcast below:


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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • How John went from working as a state trooper to running his own business
  • How you can get the courage to transition your side business to your primary job
  • What kind of support system and infrastructure you need to succeed
  • How long John waited to go from side hustle to full-time business owner
  • The lessons John has learned along the way
  • How John uses his leadership skills to keep people motivated during these difficult times
  • What you can do to get in the right mindset for your family and your business

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