The SmallBizChat Podcast: Making Money with Bitcoin with Tonya M. Evans

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Making Money with Bitcoin with Tonya M Evans 1200 x 1200Tonya M. Evans is an intellectual property lawyer, law professor, and one of the top Bitcoin cryptocurrency experts in the country. In July 2020, she joined the Penn State Dickinson law faculty to continue her work in blockchain and cryptocurrency data and technology, entertainment law, and social justice. Tonya owns the Advantage Evans Academy, where she teaches students how to navigate their way through the cryptocurrency world to transform their finances. She is the host of Tech Intersect Podcast, a weekly show that interacts with law, business, and technology experts.

In today’s episode, Tonya explains the cryptocurrency market and why it started. She explains digital wallets, the types available, and how you can make money with cryptocurrency. She highlights which industries cryptocurrency impacts the most and the opportunities cryptocurrency has to offer to small businesses. Tonya shares how you can get started with Bitcoin and where you can buy and spend this digital currency. She also shares cryptocurrency tips for beginners and explains why it’s essential to explore this currency option for your business’s future.

“Bitcoin is to blockchain, as email is to the internet.” – Tonya M. Evans

 Listen to the podcast below:


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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • Why Bitcoin started and how it worked in the beginning
  • The difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • How you can get started with Bitcoin
  • What is Bitcoin and how to make money with cryptocurrency
  • Other types of cryptocurrency
  • Digital wallets, what they are, and the different types available
  • Which industries blockchain technologies impact the most
  • What opportunities are available to small businesses in the cryptocurrency arena
  • How to buy Bitcoin, where to go and what to do
  • Where you can spend cryptocurrency
  • How you can offer cryptocurrency transactions in your business
  • Best Bitcoin practices for beginners
  • Why cryptocurrency is essential for the future of small business

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