The SmallBizChat Podcast: Leveraging the Post-Pandemic Market with Eric Brown

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Leveraging the Post-Pandemic Market with Eric Brown 1200 x 1200

Eric Brown is a Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of Urbane Apartments, a fun and hip collection of living spaces in the suburbs of Detroit. He is a pioneer in digital marketing and urban housing development. Eric founded Urbane Apartments in 2000 and has built and developed over 16,000 market-rate apartments on a national scale. He oversees new business, general operations, and corporate branding and is recognized as a vanguard and cutting-edge social media marketer in the multi-family housing industry.

In today’s episode, Eric shares how the pandemic affected his property business and the personal impact COVID-19 has had on him. We explore the effects of the pandemic on small companies in America and how business concerns have changed for Eric because of it. Eric shares how the labor market has improved because of the pandemic and the key to building profitable businesses. He also shares how he has focused on personal development over the years and how he uses his system for six priorities every day in his company.

“We don’t like uncertainty, but at the same time, opportunity is always in uncertainty.” – Eric Brown

Listen to the podcast below:


eric brown podcast

This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • How the pandemic affected Eric’s business
  • The personal impact of the pandemic for Eric
  • The impact that the pandemic has had on small businesses in America
  • Business concerns Eric had before the pandemic and his concerns now
  • Why the labor market is better after COVID-19
  • The key to Eric’s success in building businesses
  • How Eric focuses on his personal development to help his business
  • Eric’s system for his six top priorities every day

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