The SmallBizChat Podcast: Landing Government Contracts with Carroll Bernard

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Landing Government Contracts with Carroll Bernard 1200 x 1200Carroll Bernard is a government marketing coach and trainer, and co-founder of He has worked as a buyer for the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and has provided mentorship to hundreds of businesses in procuring government contracts when working at the Oregon Government Contract Assistance Program. As both an entrepreneur and public servant, Carroll has developed a full perspective on federal contracting and uses his extensive knowledge to help businesses navigate their way into the world of government contracting.

In today’s episode, Carroll joins me to discuss the types of businesses that can work in the government contracting sector and some of the requirements needed to be successful. He explains why it’s a good idea to get into government supply and how you can start the process. He shares some successful strategies for those starting out and resources that are available. He explains what PTAC centers are and how you can use them. He also shares how your industry experience applies to government work and why your financials are an essential part of the process.

“When you have these times of recessionary periods, and the market starts to contract, the government is still spending money.” – Carroll Bernard

Listen to the podcast below:


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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • What types of business can succeed in government contracting
  • Requirements you may need to qualify for these contracts
  • Why it’s a good idea to go into the government supply business
  • What you should do when you want to start working in government contracts
  • The best strategies to use when starting in the government sector
  • Contract vehicles you will need to be effective
  • PTAC centers, what they are, and how they can help
  • How past experience in your industry can help in contract acquisition
  • Why your financials are an essential element of getting into government contracts

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Carroll Bernard:

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