The SmallBizChat Podcast: How to Protect Your Small Business From Cybercrime with Kristin Judge

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How to Protect Your Small Business From Cybercrime with Kristin Judge social imageKristin Judge is a speaker, cybersecurity expert, and a dedicated advocate against cybercrime. She is the CEO and President of Cyber Crime Support Network and the Principal and owner of Opcio Solutions, LLC, both of which strive to promote cybersafety. Additionally, Kristin is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Partnership Against Cybercrime alliance. Before her current work, Kristin worked with the National Cyber Security Alliance as a program lead and ultimately the Director of Special Projects and Government Affairs. Kristin also formerly served at the Center for Internet Security as the Executive Director of Trusted Purchasing Alliance and Director of Partner Engagement.

Kristin joins me today to discuss cybersecurity best practices and how you can protect yourself and your business from cybercriminals. She highlights the tactics scammers use to take advantage of innocent people, what the number one type of scam currently is, and what led her to found her nonprofit organization. Kristin also highlights how to respond as a victim of cybercrime and how to improve your security moving forward.

“Once someone’s been a victim, they’re more apt to actually want to do something.” –  Kristin Judge

Listen to the podcast below:


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Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The prevalence of small business cybercrimes in the COVID-19 era
  • My personal experience with cybercrime and the importance of sharing stories
  • Why you shouldn’t give money to a person who approached you first
  • A tactic that the majority of scams begin with
  • How to ensure that you have legitimate insurance to protect you from cybercrime
  • The first thing you should do if you are a victim of cybercrime
  • What business email compromise is, how to report it, and how to recover
  • Tips for keeping your cybersecurity in check
  • The importance of hovering over email addresses and links to assess the legitimacy
  • The interplay between fraud and unemployment during COVID-19

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