The SmallBizChat Podcast: Getting Your Back Office Tight with Dee Taylor-Jolley

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Getting Your Back Office Tight with Dee Taylor-Jolley 1200 x 1200Dee Taylor-Jolley is the “Back Office Boss” and has been operating a successful business for over 30 years. Dee has worked as a high school teacher, corporate trainer, and congressional aide. She holds a BA in Political Science from Howard University and a Masters Degree in Curriculum Design from The Catholic University of America. She is the Chief Operations Officer for Willie Jollie Worldwide, handling all back-office functions of the business and develops systems to help companies grow and protect profits. Their clients include small business owners, government departments, and religious organizations.

Today, Dee and I discuss why outsourcing is essential for small businesses and shares how she gained the title of “Back Office Boss.” She highlights the many lessons she’s learned as a teacher that continue to help her in her business today. She clarifies what ‘back office’ means and why it applies to all companies. Dee highlights the importance of identifying weaknesses in your business and finding the right people to support you with those processes. She shares why referrals are necessary and how you can identify the point in your business journey where outsourcing becomes essential. She also discusses ways of finding cost-effective back office solutions and how much you will need to train support staff.

“The most critical thing that one can do is to make the difficult analysis of what your own limitations are.” – Dee Taylor-Jolley

Listen to the podcast below:


smallbizchat podcast quote dee taylor jolley

This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • How Dee gained the title of “Back Office Boss.”
  • The lessons Dee learned when working as a teacher and how they helped her build a successful business
  • What back-office structure means and why it applies to every business
  • Why using back-office support and outsourcing is essential to small businesses
  • Why you need to identify your weaknesses and strong points in your business skills
  • Why referrals are an essential part of choosing the right back-office support
  • The point in a business when you will need to hire support and use outsourcing
  • Cost-effective ways of getting back-office support
  • How much training you should provide to your support staff

Connect with Dee Taylor-Jolley:

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