The SmallBizChat Podcast: Do Less Marketing and Sell More with Cindy Zuelsdorf

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Do Less Marketing and Sell More with Cindy Zuelsdorf Featured ImageCindy Zuelsdorf is the Founding Partner of Kokoro Marketing. Cindy started her own marketing business after becoming an overworked marketing czar running sales and marketing for a high-tech company. She is a marketing automation expert and helps marketers, small business owners, and high-tech companies understand and master their marketing. Cindy offers a 7 Marketing Basics course and is the author of 7 Marketing Basics, a book aimed to help people market less and sell more using a practical and easy-to-understand system.

Today, Cindy shares her journey and what inspired her to start her marketing business. She discusses the challenges of marketing for small businesses and the most effective social media marketing practices. Cindy shares why systems and marketing automation is an essential element of scaling your business and why she chose the name Kokoro for her company. She also shares a hard lesson she has learned while running her own business and how her 7 Marketing Basics system worked for one of her clients.

“Be real, be of service, and then you get to work with people.” – Cindy Zuelsdorf

Listen to the podcast below:


 Cindy Zuelsdorf image

This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • How Cindy started in marketing and why she decided to start her own marketing business
  • Common challenges of marketing for small businesses
  • Best social media marketing practices
  • Top marketing tips in Cindy’s new book
  • Why you need systems in place for marketing automation
  • The meaning behind the name of Cindy’s business, Kokoro
  • A hard lesson Cindy has learned in her entrepreneurial career
  • How Cindy fits marketing into her daily routine
  • How Cindy’s 7 Marketing Basics worked for one of her clients

Resources Mentioned:

  • Text BIZ to 15302035703 for a free Marketing Masterplan
  • Book: The ONE Thing by Gary Keller
  • Asana

Connect with Cindy Zuelsdorf:

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