The SmallBizChat Podcast: Building Relationships & Leveraging LinkedIn Connections with Kelvin Joseph

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Building Relationships & Leveraging LinkedIn Connections with Kelvin Joseph
 1200 x 1200Recognized by Inc. Magazine on their Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 list, Kelvin Joseph is a B2B strategist, marketing consultant, CEO of Kool Kel Marketing, and the owner of Samanta Shoes. Kelvin is also an American Advertising Federation Trendsetter, a LinkedIn B2B Marketing Influencer, and an expert in the arena of sports marketing. Before his current roles, Kelvin spent several years as the chief marketing officer and chief operations officer at Omnicom’s sports marketing brand Steiner Sports. He has also served as an auditor for Saks Fifth Avenue and EY.

Kelvin joins me today to discuss his insights on marketing and the importance of adding value to your customers by having a clear and compelling value proposition. Kelvin shares the importance of authenticity, the power of social selling, and why it is essential to find your niche and position yourself as an expert. Kelvin also shares how he utilized LinkedIn to elevate his brand and how small business owners can more effectively engage with their LinkedIn connections.

“We’re all in the relationship business. It doesn’t matter what we do and what industry we’re in; relationships are so important.” – Kelvin Joseph

Listen to the podcast below:


Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How marketing has changed over the last several years
  • Why being authentic is so crucial to both your personal and professional brand
  • How small business owners can effectively compete with big brands
  • The difference between a salesman and an expert and how to garner new customers without looking desperate
  • How LinkedIn helped Kelvin grow his brand
  • The best way to leverage LinkedIn as a small business owner
  • How to engage with your LinkedIn connections and the only times you should do a follow-up
  • Whether the concept of “influencer marketing” applies to small businesses
  • Why event marketing is so powerful and how to get big names to come to your dinner party
  • The best business and marketing advice Kelvin has ever received

Resources Mentioned:

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