The SmallBizChat Podcast: Building a Sales Funnel with Ryan McCrary

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Building a Sales Funnel with Ryan McCrary social imageRyan McCrary, also known as “The Funnel Doctor,” is a Speaker, Chief Executive Officer of McCrary Financial Solutions, and the co-creator of the Funnels Done Right system. Following a successful career as an investment broker and running his own financial company, Ryan found his passion for helping entrepreneurs get their message to more people. He is committed to making marketing technology more understandable and accessible and launched his digital marketing agency specializing in building sales funnels with impressive ROI. Ryan is also the author of the best-selling book Mind Over Money that helps people launch a business while working full-time.

Today, Ryan shares his journey from licensed investment broker to becoming “The Funnel Doctor.” He explains what a sales funnel is and why it is essential for every business to have one. He shares why many entrepreneurs struggle to set up an effective sales process and why you need a value ladder in your company. He reveals how you can prioritize the various elements of your sales funnel and how you can troubleshoot an existing sales system. He highlights the best platforms for learning about ads and how you can design an email nurture sequence. He also discusses the analytics you need to look at to measure your sales funnel success and shares how you can evaluate whether your sales offer is strong enough.

“It may be that they want to buy it, but it’s just how you’re selling it is not the right mechanism.” – Ryan McCrary

Listen to the podcast below:


Ryan Mccrary quote podcast

This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • How Ryan got the moniker “The Funnel Doctor”
  • The definition of a sales funnel
  • Why every business needs a sales funnel
  • Why many entrepreneurs struggle with setting up a sales process
  • What a value ladder is and how you can use it in your business
  • How you need to prioritize the elements in the sales system
  • Why outsourcing sales copy is useful depending on where you are in your business
  • How you can troubleshoot your existing sales funnel
  • The best platforms for learning about ads
  • How to design an email nurture sequence in a sales funnel
  • Analytic tools you can use to measure the success of your sales funnel
  • How to determine if your sales offer is strong enough

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