The SmallBizChat Podcast: Attracting Corporate Sponsorships with Linda Hollander

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Attracting Corporate Sponsorships with Linda Hollander 1200 x 1200Linda Hollander is an International Sponsor Expert, Professional Speaker, and Author of Corporate Sponsorship in 3 Easy Steps. She is an industry leader in helping people achieve sponsorship success and the founder of Sponsor Concierge and the Sponsor Secrets Seminar. Linda started working from her kitchen table with no employees – except for her cat – when she attracted her first corporate sponsors, Bank of America, Walmart, and IBM. Following her own success, she wanted to teach other people how to succeed by starting their own small businesses and gaining corporate sponsorship.

Today, Linda shares her tips on gaining corporate sponsors and how to identify the right sponsors to fit with your brand. She reveals what sponsors are looking for in brand partners and some common mistakes you can avoid when approaching a potential sponsorship partner. She highlights how to best approach a new sponsor and which social media platforms yield the best results. She shares what you should include in a sponsorship proposal and tips on handling initial contact with your desired sponsorship brand. She also shares the benefits a sponsorship package should highlight and how you can build a relationship with your brand partner to ensure multi-year deals and sponsorship renewals.

“You want to show your humanity and make an emotional connection because a company is not going to sponsor you; it is a human being in that company that is going to decide to sponsor you.” – Linda Hollander

Listen to the podcast below:


Linda Hollander Smallbizchat podcast image

This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • How to identify potential sponsors for your brand
  • What do sponsors want from their brand partners
  • Common mistakes people make when pursuing sponsorships
  • The best ways to approach potential sponsors
  • Top social media platforms for connecting to sponsors
  • Who you should contact within your desired sponsor company
  • How to determine the benefits package for a sponsor
  • Is brand sponsorship the same as being a brand ambassador or influencer
  • How you can use research to improve a sponsorship proposal
  • Tips on the first contact approach to your sponsor
  • What you need to include in your sponsorship package
  • How to build relationships for multi-year sponsorship deals

Connect with Linda Hollander:

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