The SmallBizChat Podcast: Achieving Optimal Physical Health with Sheila Brown

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Achieving Optimal Physical Health with Sheila Brown Featured ImageSheila Brown is a lawyer, speaker, personal strategic planner, and divine health coach. She is on a mission to change common misconceptions about soul food and encourage people to embrace the vegan lifestyle. After confronting her issues with food and spirituality, she found ways to address anxiety and problems in her life and does the same for others through her coaching. Sheila helps clients with weight loss struggles and triumphs by identifying and addressing concerns around food and their bodies.

Sheila joins me today to share the pivotal moment that inspired her to change her lifestyle and embark on a career in health and wellness. She reveals how spirituality was an essential part of the changes and recalls how confronting her issues with food helped her recognize other problem areas in her life. She explains the lessons she learned about weight loss and how ideas about an ideal weight can change along with that journey. Sheila also illustrates why diets do not apply to everyone as well as how she works with clients to help them stick to the healthy changes they make in their lives.

“If you think about what it is you are trying to accomplish with food and with your body and how that aligns with fulfilling your purpose in life, everything else falls into line.” – Sheila Brown

Listen to the podcast below:


Achieving Optimal Physical Health with Sheila Brown Podcast Quote

This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • What sparked an interest in the health and wellness industry for Sheila
  • How spirituality played a part in helping Sheila change her lifestyle and eating habits
  • How confronting issues with food helped Sheila recognize other problems in her life
  • The lessons Sheila learned about ideal weight and how that changes along a weight loss journey
  • Why “one size fits all” doesn’t work all the time when it comes to diet
  • How Sheila keep things interesting for her clients to help them stick to healthy changes

Resources Mentioned:

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