The SmallBizChat Podcast: 3 Money Moves for Small Business with Tim King

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3 Money Moves for Small Business with Tim King OGTim King is a transformative business coach helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and career professionals become financially independent, create generational wealth, and improve their financial literacy. Through his company, Monarchs & Kings Inc., Tim and his team are revolutionizing the finance industry. His goal is to help people learn how to win the ‘money game’ by providing innovative educational and consulting services that teach strategies on building brighter financial futures.

Tim joins me today to share the money moves small businesses should be making right now during the pandemic. He reveals the top rules for managing money in a small business and what you can do to protect your financial future. He shares what you can do to repair your credit after a hard economic period and tips to prepare your business for any potentially tough financial times in the future. He also shares the best ways to invest your money and what you should do to prepare for your retirement.

“You have to put your money where it can grow.” – Tim King

Listen to the podcast below:


Smallbizchat podcast tim King quote

This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • Financial strategies you can employ right now during the pandemic
  • Money rules for your business to protect your future
  • Why taking money from your 401K is not always the best option
  • How you can repair your credit following a tough economic time
  • Tips on managing your money and preparing for difficult times in your business
  • What you should be doing to prepare for your retirement

Connect with Tim King:

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