Taking Care of Your Mental Health as a Business Owner

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mental healthRunning a business is a mental and physical marathon in itself. You need to constantly be at the top of your game in order to best serve your clients, your employees, and yourself. New challenges and opportunities each day can be exhausting if you are not taking the best possible care of yourself. If you often feel low on energy, anxious, or stressed, consider changing your lifestyle or asking for help. These challenges can slowly snowball into larger issues that have real consequences in your personal and professional world. When you have the habits and support you need to feel your best, your business and health will thank you.

Healthy Eating Habits

Creating healthy habits as a business owner requires thinking about how your behaviors impact your work and your time spent recharging. By being strategic in choosing which habits to focus on, you waste less time worrying that you are not doing enough and can be confident that your efforts are giving you a return on your investment. The food you eat should serve the purpose of giving you energy, making you feel good, and nourishing your body.

Choose from these options as you build your wellness routine:

  • Learn easy, healthy recipes that you can prep ahead of time
  • Take supplements as needed for essential vitamins and minerals
  • Pick specific take-out options in advance, so your last minute meals are healthy
  • Order from a healthy meal delivery service if you are usually strapped for cooking time


Many business owners struggle with building a fitness routine that works well with their professional schedules. You are technically always on the clock when your business relies on you, so be strategic with your time and set healthy boundaries with work and life. It is easy to push fitness to the side or claim you don’t have the time, but there are easy options for you to work into your schedule if they are a priority. Prioritizing fitness is also easier when you remember the positive effects of releasing endorphins into your body. Feeling your best thanks to a great fitness routine allows you the mental clarity to show up for your business.

Implement easy fitness habits such as:

  • Walking during phone meetings
  • Listening to audiobooks while you run
  • Stretching before your day begins
  • Taking fitness classes with people close in your network
  • Doing yoga to unwind after a long day

Professional Mental Health Support

Taking proactive measures to receive regular mental health support can prevent long term challenges in the future. Regardless of if you suffer from a mental illness or simply need someone to support you, take advantage of your resources. Consulting with a therapist or life coach is a powerful strategy many business owners rely on because the stressors of fast-paced work environments can trigger illnesses such as addiction and other unhealthy coping mechanisms. Do your best to take a holistic approach to your mental health by asking for the appropriate help.

Take advantage of:

  • Licensed psychologists and therapists
  • Support groups
  • Mental health organizations and resources
  • Regular doctor and wellness checks


Incorporating self-care into your lifestyle as a business owner is essential for keeping your confidence level high and your mental clarity intact. You are more likely to make effective decisions when you believe in yourself, and confident thought patterns are supported best by a regular self-care routine. Do not discount the idea of taking care of yourself due because you are ‘too busy.’ In fact, you are more productive and successful when your fundamental needs are met. Self-care can impact the day-to-day quality of your life and even affect your long-term physical health, so take it to heart and know you will be rewarded.

Self-care for business owners can look like:

  • Delegating and taking time off for mental health
  • Prioritizing extra sleep
  • Meditating and journaling emotions
  • Rewarding accomplishments with spa days or a fitness class
  • Setting aside time alone or with loved ones

Remember that your business is a reflection of you, so take care of yourself the same way you attend to your work. Your mental health will thrive if you remember to ask for help when you need it and get appropriate professional support. Use these ideas to get started in creating a wellness routine that not only supports your own mental health but promotes your success in business as well.


mental healthAbout the author: Patrick Baily is a professional writer mainly in the fields of mental health, addiction, and living in recovery. He attempts to stay on top of the latest news in the addiction and mental health world and enjoys writing about these topics to break the stigma associated with them. Patrick is currently a writer for Mountain Springs Recovery. You can learn more about Patrick at http://patrickbaileys.com

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