How to Look Great on Your Next Zoom Presentation

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how to look great on your next zoom presentation 1200 x 1200The day of a big presentation has always been stressful, and this new 2020 world we’re navigating has only added to our collective anxiety. Suddenly, your living room is taking center stage, and it seems like you have to be some sort of tech genius to make sure your coworkers or audience can see, hear, and understand you. You’re working twice as hard to appear professional, and unless broadcasting from home was part of your pre-pandemic workday, you’re learning a whole new skill set in the process.

Thankfully, my friends at Lume Cube have partnered with Logitech and Zoom to make it easy to succeed at your next virtual presentation. Use this post to boost your video conferencing skills so that you show up with the kind of quality that reflects who you are as a professional. With the right gear, and a little preparation, you can stop stressing the tech and focus on the content you need to share. 

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To make sure you present in the best possible way, follow these simple tips:

Create a dedicated workspace. When it comes to working from home, everyone needs a dedicated workspace. It can be easy to work from your sofa, but this can impact your productivity and your posture. Can you place a desk in your living room? Can you take over your study or can you convert your finished basement into an office? When selecting a workspace, a quiet room with a door is best. You need to be able to handle Zoom meetings and conference calls without the kids or the cat disrupting. Consider personalizing your work area to make your space comfortable. Add flowers, a plant or perhaps you want to use a diffuser with peppermint essential oils. Add your favorite books or few photos to make your remote work space unique to you.

Get proper office equipment. To set yourself up for success, you’ll need a proper desk, and an ergonomic chair, keyboard and mouse. Buy at least a 28-inch monitor, a good pair of noise-canceling headphones or a wireless headset, and don’t forget to purchase an all-in-one printer/scanner combo. To prepare for Zoom video calls, one of the other things you might need a virtual backdrop or a physical one so no one can see the piles of books, toys or dust bunnies in your home when you are giving a presentation.

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Then you’ll need the right light. Lighting is the key element to transform your virtual presentation from amateur to extraordinary. With the addition of a single good light, you can eliminate shadows, backlighting, under eye circles, and the unflattering blue glow from your screen. Lume Cube’s Video Conference Lighting Kit is a compact, powerful LED light that allows you to control both light temperature and brightness. It mounts easily to your computer or laptop, so you can be confident you’ll always look your best. 

Dress for the camera, not the eye. Though black, red, yellow, and green might carry a powerful impact in person, on camera they can blur with backgrounds or make it hard to get the exposure balance right. For a clean on-camera presentation, consider wearing cool blues, purples, pastels, or natural shades, stay away from small prints and patterns, and supplement with lighting that corrects any overly warm or cool tones in your room.

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Speaking of cameras, upgrade to one you can trust. While lighting and color can make a world of difference on your built-in camera, it may be worth it to invest in an HD camera, especially if you have reason to believe your coworkers or audience will be watching you on large monitors or screens. Logitech’s mountable C920s PRO HD Webcam is a solid entry level camera at an affordable price, and with built-in speakers to help you capture a broader range of audio.

And speaking of audio, take it a step beyond your computer mic. To make sure you’re heard clearly, you’ll want to swap your computer’s audio for a more powerful microphone. You can use AirPods or other quality headphones with a mic, or invest in a Rode lapel microphone for even better sound. Whatever you do, don’t rely on what’s built into your computer – your words are valuable, and you deserve to be heard clearly.

Only have time/funds to invest in one upgrade before your virtual presentation? Start with the Video Conference Lighting for Remote Working bundle from Lume Cube. With their convenient Panel Mini light, a screen mount, and all the cables you need to keep the lights on, it’s the perfect first step toward your best presentation. Trust me when I say that a little bit of light can do a whole lot of good.

Consider this post your next virtual presentation-prep checklist! Having the right tools on hand will boost your confidence, reduce your stress, and help you impress the socks off of everyone in your Zoom meeting. After all, your content has always been impressive – it’s time to get your presentation into the best possible light and let us watch you shine. 

Note: This is a sponsored post. The content in this article is the personal opinion of the author and publisher, Melinda Emerson.

About the Sponsor:  

At LumeCube, we exist to illuminate the world. We empower our community with intuitive products and brighter experiences. We offer high-end portable lighting for creators and communicators. Share more light, For more

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