How to Grow Your Expert Empire

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How to Grow Your Expert Empire - Body ImageOginga Carr @ogingacarr is an author, national seminar leader, organizational structure expert, and consultant. He brings 18 years of experience in Sales, Management, and Human Resources. His passion is in the dynamic of change; dealing with it, working through it, and preparing for it. Oginga focuses on productivity through structure and human capital development.  For more information

SmallBizLady: Why is being an expert important?

Oginga Carr: People buy from experts.  We look for the person that provides services or products to be knowledgeable.  By differentiating yourself as an expert, it automatically raises the profile of your product or service.

SmallBizLady: Who can be an expert?

Oginga Carr: Studies show that if you read three books about a subject that you can be an expert.  But it’s not about claiming a title. Being an expert is about serving your audience to the best of your ability. If you niche down and understand an industry or a part of an industry, then you can develop expertise.

SmallBizLady: If you already run a successful small business, is it an additional revenue stream to sell your personal expertise?

Oginga Carr: The expert model is one of the greatest ways to scale your business.  Too many of us spend our time trading time for money. The expert vertical allows you to grow your business without having to trade more time for money.  A large part of expert businesses is having information products. Information products will help you scale your small business and appear larger.

SmallBizLady: How does demonstrating expertise help me sell my products and services?

Oginga Carr: Because you have developed an expertise in an area, it will help your sales.  You can be a resource to people who need your help, and if you develop a sales funnel, people will naturally enter it.  Who else would you want to buy from than the person that helped you?

SmallBizLady: What industries does the expert model work in?

Oginga Carr: In just about any industry, being an expert is an advantage.  For instance, if you could take your dog to a dog groomer that studied the latest ways of clipping nails painlessly, wouldn’t you rather take your dog there than to a groomer who just started?  Being an expert allows you to charge premium prices and attract buyers that are willing to spend.

SmallBizLady: What is the 1st thing I do as an expert?

Oginga Carr: The 1st thing to expand your expert is to influence others with your knowledge.  There are only three ways to influence someone; teach them how to think, role model the way, or challenge them.  A great way to teach your audience how to think is to create a free ebook or video series.

SmallBizLady: If you are calling yourself an expert, should you create an online course?

Oginga Carr: Online courses are also a terrific way to expand your audience reach.  With an online course, you can reach exponentially more people. Plus, YouTube has conditioned us to look for how-to videos to solve all of our problems.  Online courses take that to a new level providing a DIY solution to do a multitude of tasks.

SmallBizLady: How do I create a group coaching program?

Oginga Carr: Once you have identified clients that need education using your products or services; a great service to provide is a group coaching program.  This can be used across industries. Let’s say you were an expert at filling your Day Care center. You could create an online course that helps other CDC owners fill their centers.  Then create a group coaching program where you help with specific issues monthly. This creates a new financial vertical for your business.

SmallBizLady: As an expert should I develop signature live events?

Oginga Carr: Regardless of industry, you must engage your audience online and offline and live events are one of the best ways to grow your business.  When someone can experience your passion for your product or service; or if they can see you operate in your expert space, they will want to do business with you.  We live in the digital age, so there is a lot of energy behind webinars, online masterclasses, etc. Those methods are effective, but there is nothing as effective as a live connection with someone.

SmallBizLady: When is the best time to implement my expert strategy?

Oginga Carr: If I could coach myself now as I started my business 11 years ago, the 1st thing I would do is create an expert strategy.  Do it as soon as possible. You already have expertise in areas of your business. What do people need to learn?

SmallBizLady: Should speaking be a part of my expert model?

Oginga Carr: Absolutely.  Learning the method of speak to sell can become its own vertical in your business. By going out and showing your expertise, you can grow more customers and partners for your business.  Speaking to sell is not as hard as it seems. It’s is just about providing value and then leading your audience to a natural conclusion, hiring you!

SmallBizLady: What about one-on-one coaching?

Oginga Carr: We should create a suite of products in our expert vertical that leads to one on one coaching.  Remember that you have a specialty that you have expertise in. There is always someone that wants to learn that in depth.  One-on-one coaching is an excellent way to mentor someone and also increase revenue. We all need that extra set of eyes to look at what we are doing.  Are you finding mentors and coaches that have accomplished the tasks you are attempting? You should!

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