Evan Samet – Perseverance in the Time of Covid – Small Business Show 304

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There’s nothing better than having a Small Business Show listener reach out to us with a request to be on the show. Recently, we were contacted by a listener via LinkedIn with a compelling message about his experience starting and selling a Small Business and about the challenges of being in the ticketing and live event business that was completely shut down due to Covid. Evan Samet founded TicketInsider in 2013 and after experiencing significant success, he sold the company in 2018. Evan is now the VP of Purchase and Marketing at Key Investment Group, another ticketing and VIP experience company.

Join your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton as we take a deep dive into the ticketing and live event business to learn how they are surviving during Covid and their plans to thrive once live events return. 

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  • The live entertainment business returns?
  • Marc Geiger Claustrophobia Economy
  • Here comes the Roaring Twenties!
  • Hiring advice: Find people smarter than you
  • Always work on your business skills
  • Know that you’re valuable elsewhere
  • We Love Mistakes!
  • Mistake: Don’t always be the expert
  • Advice: Have another stream of revenue
  • SBS 304 Outtro

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