Delegating by Outsourcing, Dispute Resolution, a​​n​d Boomerang Employees – Small Business Show 218

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If you’re a Soloprenuer, there’s no one to delegate to. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be delegating tasks outside of your core competency. Join us today for this episode of the Small Business Show as we discuss methods to use outsourcing to delegate so you can win the 10/1000 battle. We discuss outsourcing resources, how to be selective when choosing a contractor and much more.

Your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton then jump into a discussion about dispute resolutions with 50/50 partners. Shannon offers us a method of assigning votes and how to find an independent voice that can represent the business’s best interests, vs you or your partners.

Then it’s on to the topic of Boomerang Employees. These are employees that leave your business for one reason or another, then want to come back. Should you re-hire? What questions do you need to ask yourself (and the employee) before you consider re-hiring? What message does re-hiring send to your other employees and customers? If you do decide to re-hire, should you put that person back in the same position? Does their salary change? Listen in to find out our thoughts on these employee issues and more.

After the show, come share your own experiences, questions and thoughts at the Small Business Support Group. Thanks for listening to this episode of the Small Business Show!


  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #218 for Wednesday, April 10, 2019
  • 00:01:38 The hardest thing I do everyday
  • 00:04:44 “We try to be as inefficient as possible”
  • 00:09:26 Dispute resolution in 50/50 Business Partnerships
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  • 00:23:00 Scott-The idea of outsourcing as delegating
  • 00:28:20 Boomerang Employees – Rehiring someone that used to work for you
  • 00:31:51 Why did the employee leave? Address the split.
  • 00:32:58 (Re-)Define the (new) position.
  • 00:37:28 Boomerang can send a positive message
  • 00:38:39 Does the pay scale change?
  • 00:40:13 Intentionally retrain.
  • 00:42:28 Avoid old habits
  • 00:45:07 Be Self-Aware
  • 00:46:35 Allow yourself to over-analyze
  • 00:48:37 SBS 218 Outtro

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