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#223 Gail Bray – The Global Gold Standard for Safety

Welcome to episode 223 of The Today’s Leader Podcast. This week’s guest is an Australian leader, who is taking on the global market with her product. Gail Bray is the Global Market manager of the ladder safety product Lock Jaw, Ladder Grip.


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#221 Monday Mentoring – Bringing Point B Closer

In episode 220 of The Today’s Leader Podcast, our discussion with Matt Zinman revealed a simple, yet compelling way to maintain motivation and energy when working towards a goal or a dream. Simply, bring Point B closer. Today I take this on for a…

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The SmallBizChat Podcast: Refreshing Your Brand in 2020 with Naly Rice

  Naly Rice is a writer, speaker, media personality, and business leader. She is the founder and CEO of the full-service digital marketing company, LN Creative Group (LNGC), and has extensive experience in marketing, formerly serving as the Director of Marketing for Edge Hosting, LLC and SemaConnect. Naly also serves as chief blogger for her

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#220 Matt Zinman – Performance Insights and Z-Isms

Hey there, Coach Curl here and welcome to the Today’s Leader Podcast. We have had such a run of amazing guests and it’s been an honour to interview them. Just between me and you, the line up continues into the future. I love the insights and advice…

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219 Leadership Lessons – Creating Enthusiasm

How do you create enthusiasm when it’s not present, let’s explore that in this week’s episode of Leadership Lessons. What does it take and how can you harness it?

Check out Think & Grow Business for all of your leadership development needs, if you…

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How to Stay Sane When Working From Home

The workplace has changed dramatically in recent months, with most of the world learning how to juggle work and home life together. Even for the most organized people, isolation and lockdowns can play havoc with a normal work routine. At Biteable, we’re a remote-first company, so we’ve had years of experience learning how to keep

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How to Leverage This Pandemic Slowdown to Boost Your Business

Managing a business right now is a huge source of stress. With Congress still trying to determine the next bailout I am sure money is tight, and your employees are wondering how long they might have a job. I know where you are, I’ve been there. The last recession of 2008-2009 was really tough. It’s

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