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The SmallBizChat Podcast: From Management Mess to Leadership Success with Scott J. Miller

Scott Miller is a leadership expert and host of one of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing podcasts devoted to leadership, FranklinCovey On Leadership. He started his professional career in the real estate development division of the Walt Disney Company and received a B.A. in Organizational Communication from Rollins College in 1996. Scott joined Covey Leadership

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October 2020 #SmallBizChat: Building Wealth Through CryptoCurrency

#Smallbizchat LIVE is a monthly video chat where small business owners can get answers to their questions. The focus of #Smallbizchat LIVE is to end small business failure by helping participants succeed as your own boss. Please join us live every third Wednesday of the month from 8-9 pm ET Live on my SmallBizLady Facebook Page,

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#247 Leaders are Readers – Seeing Red Cars

Leaders are Readers Seeing Red Cars – Laura Goodrich

I picked up this book in 2011, and the insight was immediate.

The concept that grabbed me was the name of the book itself, have you ever researched, worked to get the car of your dreams,  then…

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#83 Leadership Lessons – Sign Your Work Everyday

Welcome to leadership lessons

“Sign your work every day. If you cannot do that, find another profession” – Jeff O’Leary

Let’s dissect that. What do you take from that?

For me, it’s about taking responsibility for ourselves. YOu have probably heard…

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Uri Bram CEO of The Browser – Small Business Show Episode 298

We are flooded with information each day – articles, headlines, podcasts, news, and more. Today, our guest runs several businesses built around curating this flood of content into something worthwhile to read or listen to. Stories that have lasting value, and that can change your life. Uri Bram is the CEO of The Browser and

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How to Look Great on Your Next Zoom Presentation

SPONSORED POST The day of a big presentation has always been stressful, and this new 2020 world we’re navigating has only added to our collective anxiety. Suddenly, your living room is taking center stage, and it seems like you have to be some sort of tech genius to make sure your coworkers or audience can

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Sell More Products Online Using These 3 Online Selling Platforms

Due to coronavirus, we are seeing more and more people taking to selling online to boost their income. We’ve already shared 6 strategies to help you increase online sales. Now we want to talk about how to increase sales of your products beyond your website. Here are three online selling platforms you should be using

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#246 Monday Mentoring – Make a DIfference

Remember the best team will win.

You may not have a team at the moment, or you may. It’s in your best interest to build and develop your team, build the team you want from the team you have.

But please don’t lose sight of the fact that each one of…

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The SmallBizChat Podcast: Helping Your Employees Be Safe and Stay Motivated During COVID-19 with Lori M. Ruffin

Lori Ruffin is an entrepreneur, speaker, and founder of the COO Team, formerly known as Stream Strategic Planning Co. With extensive experience in the international and national non-profit world’s inner workings, Lori joins her clients on their journey to expand their business and create the systems they need to grow their organization. She is passionate

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245 David Conorno Leading the Charge to Better

Episode 245 of The Today’s Leader Podcast features a fascinating conversation with David Contorno, who really is leading a charge to improved outcomes in health care. As a leader, David is very humble as he works towards his purpose, and always…

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