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Best of the Blog 2019 SOCIAL IMAGE2019 was the 9th anniversary of the start of this blog. The mission of my work is to end small business failure. The nature of business marketing has changed significantly in the last few years. This year, I strategically spent time helping you, my readers, get your arms around the new rules of small business marketing. I’m closing my 20th year in business, and I’m still learning and sharing what I know to help you win big in business. I hope you enjoy this look back on the best of

1. 10 Bible Verses Every Small Business Needs for 2019   

Our relationship with God is what defines us. When you’re facing challenges, double down on prayer and meditation. We use prayer to talk to God, but often, the skill we need to learn is how to use meditation to listen for God’s direction. Starting your day in quiet and calm will increase your focus and productivity. Be thankful for closed doors just as you are for new opportunities. God’s will is what is best for us, and regardless of how it looks now, know that mess always comes as God is about to do big things in your life. 

2. The Ultimate Side Hustle Success Formula

Next year, 43% of the workforce is going to be gig-preneurs or side hustlers as I like to call them. There’s a right and a wrong way to work a hustle and keep a day job. I give you everything you need in the Successful Side Hustle Formula.

3. How to Promote Your Brand in 10 Different Ways

When you’re a small business, most often, you have a limited budget to promote your business brand. I love to share ways to promote businesses, even on a shoestring budget. There are lots of opportunities to promote your brand before and after the sale. This blog highlights the 10 best ideas that I’ve seen lately.

4. 22 Top Resources for Women Business Owners 

This has been a big year for women business owners in the US. Our numbers are booming, we’re now 13 million strong, and over the last five years, women of color have started businesses at 163% or 4.5 times all other business owners. But the saddest stat is that with all this growth, 88% do not generate more than $100K in revenue. This has gone on too long.   

5. Things I Learned Attending Marketing School

I attended the Marketing Profs annual conference this Fall and learned a lot, including that having an effective social media presence is now a life skill. I attended workshops and keynotes about developing an effective marketing strategy, how to write copy that gets you the green light, develop awesome landing pages, and how to reach the unreachable customer. Enjoy.

6. 21 Tips for Managing Your Small Business Finances

Cash is King. It’s the #1 thing that can put you out of business. Cashflow is all about how money moves in and out of your business. And your goal should always be to keep cash in your business operating account as long as possible. Managing your small business finances requires a specific skill set. It is crucial to surviving a volatile world of small business ownership. 

7. 12 Things to Do Before Starting a Business

Owning a small business is never a get rich quick scheme. If you want to be successful, it will cost you. It will cost you money, sleep, relationships, and you will be pushed in ways you never thought possible. But it will be awesome too. Here are the 12 Things to Do Before Starting a Business.

8. SmallBizLady’s 5 P’s of Marketing for Your Small Business

In this article, we discuss P’s of Marketing
Product: What are you selling?
Placement-Where are you selling it?
Promotion-How are you engaging potential customers to buy?
Price-How much will you charge?
And my personal 5th P… Profit, which I believe is critical. How much profit is in every sale. Profit is how we keep score in business, and it’s the one thing I see most often neglected in small business management. 


I hope you like my reading suggestions. What was your favorite post this year?

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