Best Mistake Show – Part One. Small Business Show Episode 250

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Hundreds of Small Business owner guests on the Small Business Show have been asked this same question: What is the best mistake you have ever made? A mistake that taught you the most, something you remember to this day?

Join us for episode 250 of the Small Business Show where we sample and discuss lessons we have learned from our Best Mistake question. Guests include Tyler Merritt from Field Harmony, Sara Beznicki of A Gilded Leaf, Justin Sisley from Digidern Bookkeeping and Bob Grewal of Seapoint Business Advisors.

There are some terrific lessons shared by our guests today. Listen in and then come join the conversation at the Small Business Support Group.

  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #250 for Thursday, November 21, 2019
  • 00:01:28 Tyler Merritt SBS 102
    • “I thought other people would think like me” 
  • Sara Beznicki SBS 107
    • “Don’t panic and throw money at things you believe will quickly accelerate your business.”
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  • Justin Sisley SBS 112
    • “Putting off Bookkeeping”
  • Bob Grewal – SBS 61
    • “Keep your books clean – PL and BS to show to people outside your company”
  • 00:33:14 SBS 250 Outtro

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