Ask SmallBizLady: What Is the Best Time to Post Facebook Ads?

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What Is the Best Time to Post Facebook Ads? - small biz ladyOne of the most common questions I get from business owners when it comes to selling on Facebook is…Does it really work? Here’s my answer: yes, yes, and YES! Then, once convinced, they ask “what is the best time to post Facebook ads if I want to drive sales?”

Well, the short answer to that is there is no perfect time. The best thing about Facebook is that with just $100 spread over 5 days, you can test which time and day work best for your campaign.

If you want to find success selling on Facebook, you must learn your client’s schedule, and then build your ads around how your client’s day is set up. 

Example: Most people check their phones as soon as they wake up (something I don’t recommend if you plan to become a major player in your industry), so if they’re working 9 to 5 and you want them waking up to your post, you should post somewhere between 6:00 am and 7:30 am.

SmallBizLady’s Game-Changing Marketing Tip!

What the “Major Brands” know is…that it’s not what time you post, but it’s about posting at the same time.  One of the key elements to getting sales on Facebook is trust, so if you post content that helps your client achieve something they can’t achieve on their own at the same time every week or every day, they will start to trust you and your sales will explode.

Selling on Facebook is the key to growing your business, paying your bills and becoming the “Major Brand” that banks want to take meetings with. WHY? Because there is no other place on earth where you can guarantee over a billion of people will be active for hours every single day except Facebook.

If you have a great product and pair that with more exposure, you will surely blow up, which is why you need to learn how to sell on Facebook. That’s why I created my new eBook “How to Make Facebook Your #1 Salesperson” – so you can get more exposure, generate more sales, and become that “Successful BOSS” you know you can be.

I am not blowing smoke! I went from being a frustrated business owner forced to work every weekend to selling what I learned running my business and becoming America’s #1 Small Business Expert. My advice has been sought out by Visa, Chase, FedEx, and over 150 other “Major Brands.” 

All you need is some professional insight to go with all your hard work and you’ll be on the path to retiring rich, so let me, “SmallBizLady,” help you.

Marketing is expensive, frustrating, and risky…but worth it, especially when you have a proven strategy you can rely on to get your phones ringing. But it won’t be risky for you because right now, you can get your own copy of my new FREE eBook “How to Make Facebook Your Number #1 Salesperson.” 

No Shipping! No Handling! Just click the link, fill out a short survey, and it’s yours.

If you really want to increase sales, improve productivity and have a business then makes you money while you sleep, grab your copy and watch things change for the better in your business!

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