Amp Up Your Online Marketing Efforts: Social Media Updates for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

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Social media has proven to be highly useful for businesses. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, three of the most popular channels thus far, provide businesses with a platform to connect and interact with both their existing and prospective customers. Things are only bound to get better as these key social media channels are working tirelessly to introduce new innovations, allowing enterprises of all sizes to boost their online marketing efforts and better meet their business goals. Learn about the latest social media updates that can help you boost engagement levels and reach online.

Latest Social Media Updates on Facebook

1. More control over ad placements.

Facebook is launching new tools to provide businesses with more control over their ad placements on Instant Articles, Audience Network, and In-Stream Ads. The updates include higher pre-campaign transparency, placement blocking at the account level, and video placements selection in the Facebook Audience Network. A higher pre-campaign transparency will let you see a list of where your ads may appear before your campaign goes live. Blocking at the account level will make the process easier, as you will be able to apply your block lists at the account level, making logging into each set of ads and specific campaign unnecessary. This will also make your list consistent across campaigns and creatives. You get more control over your video placements, as Facebook starts to let you specify the types of placements you want your video campaigns to run in.

2. Full-width ads for mobile web publishers.

Since the launch of its Audience Network for mobile web, Facebook has enabled publishers to monetize using various ad formats, including native ad formats and IAB standard. Now they are launching a new format called the full-width ads. This ad type allows publishers to easily switch from traditional formats to a more engaging one, enabling them to offer a better user experience and to optimize their own monetization efforts.

Facebook has conducted tests with some of the largest publishers in the world, and the results were very positive. Full-width ads increased user engagement via CTR by an average of 58 percent and monetization via CPM by 34 percent. Mobile web publishers can now use full-width ads on the Audience Network through the header bidding. You can reach out to your Audience Network client partner or header bidding technology partner to get started.

3. Facebook page’s cover video.

Facebook has introduced a feature that lets you upload a video to replace your page’s cover image. You can now upload cover videos the same way you upload cover photos. Cover videos should run for a minimum of 20 seconds but not longer than 90 seconds. The ideal crop size for your video is 820 by 462 pixels. The cover video is automatically on muted audio, so it’s not disruptive. But users who would like to watch the videos with sounds have the option of unmuting it. Videos are known to get more engagements, making this a great option for businesses who would like to optimize their page.

Latest Social Media Updates on Instagram

1. Live video replay.

You can now share your live video instantly and directly to your Stories. You only need to click “share” after your broadcast has ended. The live video can be replayed on Stories in its entirety, including whatever engagement you got while it was filmed. Users can even rewind the video for a few seconds, which is great for catching anything they may have missed.

2. Replies for live video.

Although users are mostly the ones using this feature, businesses using the platform are bound to benefit from it too. As those viewing your Stories now have additional ways to interact with it, the amount of engagement you get will increase. Viewers can now respond to your stories using their own boomerangs, videos, and pictures in live time. This will let you tap opportunities like allowing users to immediately respond to your call for UGC or reply to your story with a photo of the content requested. This is especially ideal if you are offering incentives in exchange. Plus, now you can host a contest directly from your Stories.

3. Comment block filters.

Instagram has developed filters that let you block abusive or offensive language in the comments section of your posts. Business profiles can access this feature from the Settings Menu. Head over to “Comments” and choose the option that suits your needs. You can go for the automatic filter, which blocks out anything that is likely to be offensive. Curse words and the usual lingo Internet trolls use are most likely to get filtered out. You may also choose the manual filter, which allows you to be more specific with the words or phrases you would like to block. Both options are straightforward and easy to use.

Latest Social Media Updates on Pinterest

1. Lens

In February, Pinterest announced their plans to roll out Lens, an exciting new feature that lets you use your camera to identify food, clothing, and decor in the real world. For example, you can point your camera at a pair of shoes and be able to view similar styles on Pinterest, then get ideas for how you can wear them. Last month, they made further improvements to the app. Pinterest has more than doubled the types of objects the app can recognize, especially those related to fashion. Lens can now recommend outfits for you once you take a snap of the clothes you have in your closet. This presents many opportunities to connect with users for businesses that are on the platform.

2. “Tried It” icon and tab.

This feature is ideal for businesses with no budget for advertising. Pinterest introduced the free “Tried It” icon and tab, and made it available on all pins. This is aimed to encourage users to try new things, inviting them to check off the pins that they have already tried. Pinners can further specify if it was “For Me” or “Not For Me,” and add a short comment about their experience.

This feature allows Pinners to let other users know about their experience with the product or service. It is especially ideal for those in the food, style, and interior design niches. It is essentially a dynamic review system based on personal interactions. The feature also functions as a recommendation, with the pins a user has tried appearing on his/her profile.

Keep abreast of the latest innovative social media updates to ensure that you make the most out social media in your small business.

About the author: Kimberly Grimms is a futurist who spends most of her time monitoring social behavior in search of new consumer trends. She uses the information to create viral and useful content as part of the new media strategy. She is interested in technology, market behavior, new media, environment, sustainability, futuristic scenarios and businesses. Connect with her on Twitter at @kimberlygrimms and learn more at:

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