96 – Lessons – Four Key Learnings for a Successful Leadership Secondment

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Welcome to Leadership Lessons. Today I want to share some learnings from a leader I coach who recently seconded onto a more senior role to cover for a vacancy. The secondment was for a set time period, in this case three months with the potential to be interviewed for the more senior role.

Ultimately he was accepted into the new role, and during our coaching conversation we were working through the skillset and mindset needed to continue to be successful in hos new role, he volunteered his four key learnings from his time in the senior role. As a aside, the leader’s name was also Tony and 

So today is all about the four key things leaders should focus on when in a seconded into a senior role. Key Learnings:
1- The importance of Communication
2- Effective Feedback and the Power of Positive Reinforcement
3- Write Things Down
4- The need for self-belief

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