9 Hacks to Sell More with Social Media Advertising

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9 Hacks to Sell More with Social Media Advertising 1200 x 1200Once upon a time, social media was used only for connecting with friends and family. But these days, social media has become a real game-changer. If you are looking to boost sales in your business, whether B2C or B2B, these 9 hacks will help you sell more with social media advertising.

Social media marketing is a staple for hundreds of thousands of businesses and brands both small and large. It allows them a way to promote their business, connect with fans and followers, and sell their products and services. 71% of all marketers and 90% of top salespeople are already using social selling tools.

If you are thinking of selling more with social media marketing campaigns, here’s how you can sell more with social media advertising.

9 Social Media Advertising Hacks

There are a number of social media platforms, all ripe for advertising. But not all platforms are perfect for every business. 

Let’s take a look at best practices and tips for each platform that you can use to increase sales and generate revenue.


More than 2.7 billion people are active on Facebook. It’s one of the most popular and leading social platforms to connect with your target audience, engage with them, generate leads, and sales.

But being present on Facebook isn’t enough. If you want to generate sales, you ought to try Facebook ads. With compelling ad copy and an attractive call to action, you can easily drive more traffic to your page and boost sales.

Try these 3 hacks to sell more with Facebook ads:

1. Keep Your Ads Relevant and Targeted

The secret to selling more with Facebook is to keep your content relevant and specific to your target audience. By getting granular, you can narrow your target audience, stay relevant, increase Facebook ad relevancy, and lower the ad expenses. Quality ads on Facebook see a higher ranking that leads to more sales.

2. Boost Winning Content

Content that is already popular gives you a better chance of generating sales. Identify your past content that generated more engagement and was widely accepted by your audience. Create your ad around those topics and content.

3. Utilize Multi-Product Carousel Ads

With one multi-product carousel ad format, you can multiple images or videos each with a link of its own. This gives you the freedom to showcase a wider range of products with more cards in a single ad and target more buyers and generate more sales.

social media advertising facebook ads image


The photo-sharing platform has over 1 billion active users every month, among which 112.5 million users are from the US.

Because Instagram is owned by Facebook, you can apply the same hacks from above to your instagram ads for better conversion. In addition, here are these 3 strategies to generate more organic traffic to your Instagram ads and boost the conversion rate.

1. Use Great Quality Visuals and Minimal Text

If you want your Instagram ads to yield better results, use high-quality, original images, supported captions or single text which can be a promo code, or a statement inside the image.

2. Create Instagram Stories

People love stories. Create eye-catching, immersive ads with images and videos that run on Instagram Stories. Remember, that stories last only for 24 hours, so try to make the best of it. Convey your message within the image and add a CTA to make it more effective.

social media advertising instagram image

3. Ad Retargeting

Launch Instagram ad campaigns to target those who added your products but abandoned their carts without making a purchase. Remarketing or retargeting is a great way to convert already generated leads to customers.


With over 126 million unique monthly viewers, YouTube ranks as the most popular video property in the US. Not only that, 17.7% of the 18 to 34-year olds prefer YouTube next to Netflix.

social media advertising youtube ads image

What’s even more compelling is that 90% of shoppers have discovered brands and products through YouTube. This has led to 48% of social media marketers investing in YouTube ads.

social media advertising youtube ads budgeting image

This explains why you should not ignore the second-largest search engine as a potential ad platform for increasing sales.

Here are 3 tactics to make your YouTube marketing more profitable:

1. Ad Format

From skippable to non-skippable, bumper to sponsored, you have plenty of ad format choices. You should invest time in reading which type of format works best for you. As a beginner you may not have the exact answer, so you can try and experiment with various formats and stick to what gives you more sales.

social media advertising ads format image

2. Create a Compelling Title

By compelling, I don’t mean exaggerating. Today’s users are smart and can easily distinguish between a cheesy and fake title and a genuine one. Your ad title should be straightforward yet appealing.

3. Insert Adwords

This is particularly important from an SEO viewpoint. Without the Adwords, your ads will not be visible in search results. Do some research and find the best performing ads on YouTube, study their style, take notes if you have to, and finally generate keywords for your ad which you will use in your ad.

With the help of these 9 social media advertising strategies, you can easily sell more, connect with more buyers online, and generate brand awareness. 

What selling strategy do you use when advertising on social media? Let me know in your comments.

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