8 Tips to Build a Great Strategy for Lead Generation

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8 Tips to Build a Great Strategy for lead generation 1200 x 1200It can be difficult to find leads, but it’s an important part of all businesses. Getting some leads means getting some chances for new business. Here are 8 tips to generate good leads for your business and how to turn them into loyal and content clients.

1. Build Useful Relationships

It’s important to start some new relationships, both with discount prospects and big purchasers. You won’t succeed if you don’t aim big, so start by setting aside time to make a list of potential customers. Once you have a list of organizations to work with, be sure to nurture that prospect or relationship.

2. Use Social Media

Social media is great not just to increase awareness for your brand and interact with your client base, but you can also use it to warm up leads and improve your sales pipeline. To do this, share content by publishing things that will redirect traffic to your website. That’s the best way to get people to click through to your site and generate leads. You also want to build a following of loyal clients online, by getting to know them, sharing your experience, and showing that you’re a leader in that field. 

You can also get involved by being engaged in LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your business and industry. Once you start relationships, it becomes a lot easier for people to trust your business. Also, don’t be afraid to have a dialogue with people, so interact with them and show them the human side of the company.

3. Allow Time to Follow Leads

Allocate time each week to follow up with any possible leads. It will take you more than one contact to convert a possible lead into a customer. Once you’ve made the initial contact, it’s important to follow up a week or two later to see where they’re at, so be sure to set reminders for that. 

4. Keep an Eye on Competition

It’s important to monitor what your competition is doing and the products or services that they’re launching. Keep an eye on their activities and use that information to stay a step ahead of them and the go-to business in your industry. You can’t beat the competition if you’re not even sure what product they’re releasing or updates to their website.

5. Target Customers with Data

Use data to find out exactly what your customers want. The more you can know about your customers, the more you’re able to personalize your message to target them directly. Once you know them, you can communicate with them at the right time of day and with the tone that will have the most impact so they’re sure to listen.

6. Prioritize Quality

Prioritize Quality

Many companies prioritize quantity over quality, but that’s a big mistake. Your sales force should be focused on people that are considered potential clients or customers and not the people that won’t buy from you no matter what. Use Google Analytics to find out which of your pages are bringing in the most traffic. Then, CRM software for customer relationship management will allow you to monitor the relationships you’re building with all your leads and which stage of the process they’re at. 

HubSpot is a tool that can help because this marketing automation software will track the activities of your leads on your website and give them marketing content tailored to what they’re interested in.

7. Track Leads with Tools

You need to know your ROI and make sure you’re allocating enough money to find the right channels to attract clients and measure how effective they are, whether that’s your website, email, social media, or direct marketing. As previously mentioned, Google Analytics will let you know which pages give you good traffic.

8. Use Your Forms and Site

You need traffic if you want to get leads from your business site, and there are a lot of different ways to get people to click on your site. You can use forms like smart forms to build a detailed database of your clients.

Ashley-Halsey bioAbout the Author: Ashley Halsey is a lifestyle blogger at Gum Essays. She is involved in business and marketing projects for small companies across the country. She enjoys finding new ways for companies to boost their customer base. 


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