#78 The Coach Curl Podcast – Your Strategy for the Four Key Drivers.

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We have all struggled from time to time to create motivation in our lives. Maybe we’ve missed an energy boost when we have needed to complete something. Maybe we have woken up lethargic and long to head back to bed. What if I told you of a natural way that our bodies release energy and to advise you how you can hack into it? Would that be worth knowing?

Sitting within us is a natural physiology that’s designed to bring energy to us when we need it. This phenomenon has kept us safe and has allowed us as a species to survive and thrive. It is known by it’s acronym, D.I.P.I. and is still as relevant today as it was in our formative years, living in small communities, in our hunter-gatherer lifestyles.

Now we know that, let’s look at how we can hack into this for our advantage.

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THANKS FOR JOINING US – Next Week WE ARE ALL PRISONERS and why some don’t want to break out or need to.

Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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