#76 The Coach Curl Podcast – The 3rd Key Driver – Satisfaction

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#76 – Coach Curl Podcast – The 3rd Key Driver of Motivation – Satisfaction

I Can’t Get no SATISFACTION – I Can’t Get no Motivation.

OK – here where we go. The human race has populated the world through one simple concept – PLEASURE. When we find something pleasurable we tend to get motivated to do it.

It describes so much about us as humans. We release energy when we find something pleasurable and when we seek that pleasure in immediate gratification is when it comes a tad dangerous for all of us.

So to me, it’s a double edged sword and that’s why I will restate this, without changing the physiology behind it, we want to shape our thinking, we want to shape our mindset without changing the dynamic behind this

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Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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