#72 Seriously, What is the Way Forward?

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Welcome to #72  of the Dumb Leaders podcast. I’m your host Tony Curl and this episodes comes in the middle of the turmoil we are experiencing in our world recently. I am saddened by the events that are coming accross our screens and news media and I really do struggle as to how we got to this?
Everyone single one of us is unique. Yes we have our patterns of behaviour, we have our own upbringing and conditioning that builds our own perspective.  When we understand and appreciate our differences, get to know people understand them. Come to the table in love, not in darkness.
For more lessons from Lousy Leaders get on over the The Dumb Leaders Handbook at dumbleaders.com. Provide feedback, ask questions, and contact us via our contact page. Thanks for listening.

The Curator
Author: The Curator

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