6 Tips on How to Build a Successful Brand on Amazon

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6 Tips on How to Build a Successful Brand on Amazon 1200 x 1200If you run an ecommerce business and you’re not selling on Amazon, you need to get on it. Around 197 million shoppers head to the online platform each month for their shopping needs, making it one of the most lucrative places to sell your products. 

For those new to the Amazon platform, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of other stores to compete with and millions of products available. One of the critical things to keep in mind is distinguishing yourself from your competitors on Amazon. You should put as much effort into building your brand on Amazon as you do in other places. 

Build a Successful Brand on Amazon six tips on how to build a successful brand on Amazon

Don’t get intimidated by Amazon. I’ve gathered together my top six tips on how to build a successful brand on Amazon. Create a path to good revenue by differentiating yourself from others. 

1. Tell Your Story to Your Customer Base 

Take the time to tell your story on how you’re helping your customers on Amazon. Whether it’s the first picture in the search results that draws potential customers to click on your product or an infographic on the product page that explains its benefits. You have one chance to engage with customers who have short attention spans. 

Build a Successful Brand on Amazon brand story

Show your customers that you care about your products by spending time informing them about it, your company, or why what you’re selling solves their problem. Invest in a video or apply for a trademark, if you don’t already have one. Set up email marketing campaigns that will send them a thank you email once they’ve purchased a product. Some brands even include handwritten notes when they ship out products to thank their customers. 

You really can’t do too much when it comes to relationship building and letting the world know what your brand stands for. When you start building a brand on Amazon, you have to think about your customer’s entire buying journey. 

2. Select Good, Quality Products to Sell

The best types of products to sell on Amazon are small, lightweight items that go for a higher selling price, typically over $50. That’s the most profitable type of product to sell on Amazon. 

Build a Successful Brand on Amazon best types of products to sell on Amazon

The top reasons to sell small products include:

  • Cheaper Shipping Rates: Small products don’t weigh a lot, so they won’t be as expensive to ship
  • Cheaper to Purchase: A small product will generally be cheaper for you to buy, so you don’t have to make a large investment from the start
  • Fewer Fees: If you want to use Amazon’s FBA program for your order fulfillment, you’ll have to think about the size of your products as heavier items result in higher fees 

A successful business has to consider the dollars going out as much as they think about the dollars coming in. By selling quality products that are lightweight, you’ll keep your overhead costs low

3. Embrace the Amazon Platform 

Amazon should be a vital component of your ecommerce ecosystem. Your Amazon storefront, website, and social media channels should all work in tandem together so you can achieve the best possible results. Instead of pitting them against each other and focusing more on one branch, you need to find the best ways to create a unified ecosystem with your brand. Building a successful brand on Amazon means that it’s tied to other aspects of your business as well. 

4. Create a Well Design Storefront

Build a Successful Brand on Amazon Well Design Storefront on Amazon

If you see an Amazon listing and notice a brand name near the product’s title, that link will take you to the storefront for that particular brand. For brands that have registered their trademarks with the brand registry, they can create an Amazon storefront. Companies can have full control over their brand to protect it and tell their story to their customers. 

With this feature, Amazon has given brands the ability to recreate what their company’s website looks like. This results in an overall better experience for shoppers who want to learn more about the brand and explore their other products. You can put product and brand videos, infographics, and all of your products in your storefront. You can also include background information on your company so customers can learn more about your brand and what you stand for. 

5. Don’t Forget About Amazon SEO

Build a Successful Brand on Amazon Amazon SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a key component of any website or online storefront. SEO is important to incorporate into all the copy you have on your storefront and product pages. For example, say you sell women’s shoes on Amazon. When a potential customer types “women’s shoes” into the product search bar, you want your listing to be one of the first ones they see on the search results page. Implementing strategic keywords into all of your text will help you connect with customers looking for the products you’re selling. 

6. Secure Quality Reviews 

When Amazon first started, reviews were the number one deciding factor on the success of a product. Companies were popping up all over the place that you could pay to write fictional reviews for your products. A major magazine released an article stating that Amazon was a fraud because of all these fictitious reviews. After that, Amazon cracked down hard. They removed hundreds of thousands of reviews. 

Build a Successful Brand on Amazon 5 a star reviews

Reviews are just as important today, but the quality of reviews is far more important than the quantity. The best way to get genuine, positive reviews from customers is by giving them an excellent customer experience. Send them reminder emails, letting them know you’d like them to review your product. Offer them a discount code in that same email. Create a positive experience for them so they’ll be more apt to leave you a favorable review. 

One way you can create a seamless experience for your customers is by utilizing Fulfillment by Amazon. Amazon will ship out your products for you, ensuring that your customers get them delivered in the Prime delivery time of two days. Your customer will be happy that they received their products quickly and efficiently. 

Build Your Brand on Amazon to Succeed on the Platform 

When you have an online presence of any kind, building your brand is essential to connecting with your customers. Don’t brush off Amazon as being not as important as other platforms. By creating a brand that resonates with your target audience, you’ll increase your sales and your revenue as a result. 

Have you created a successful Amazon storefront? Drop a comment below and let us know of any other tips you may have!

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