5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Drive Your Sales

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5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Drive Your Sales social imageThe eagerness to increase sales stimulates online retailers to resort to various tools. They do their best to ensure that their precious time and resources are not wasted; this involves more than writing a few blog posts and occasional social media publications. Professionals can speed up their website performance, improve product lines, make the most of social media, and provide a more pleasing shopping experience for users.

In this article, we will share five digital marketing tips with you to help navigate the challenges of the online world.

1. Easy-to-Consume and Visual Content to Grip Audience’s Attention

Textual information will never lose its significance. However, Social Science Research Network studies show that 65% of people are visual learners, with 90% of information entering the brain is visual. Visual content facilitates the perception of information about your services or new trends in your industry; you might consider including a video popup on your site as well.

A good example of visual content is the product page of the Dior website shown on the screenshot below. By clicking on the “Compare” button, you can see how the shades of the product differ. Thus, customers welcome with enthusiasm such a solution and spend more time on the website playing with the well-illustrated color options.

Easy-to-Consume and Visual Content to Grip Audience’s Attention

Screenshot from the official Dior website.

2. Personalized Approach to Facilitate Connection with the Client

Asking your clients about their age, interests, education level, location, etc., allows you to offer them exactly what will suit them most and give you more information about their intentions. This enables you to create a strong structure for your digital marketing campaigns and achieve the best results in sales conversions. Not only will the client feel more connected with your company, but personalized solutions leave clients satisfied. Nowadays, every business strives to measure up to clients’ expectations with customized services.

For instance, with the “You May Also Like” function, you can cater to the client’s needs based on previously viewed products or clients’ purchases with similar tastes. As a result, customers receive hints as if from a real specialist or consultant, which will positively affect lead nurturing.

For example, the product pages of the BaubleBar site have a personalized “WE THINK YOU’D ALSO LIKE” block. They complement the pages, but they can also inspire the site user to buy additional goods.

digital marketing personalized approach

Screenshot from the official BaubleBar website

3. Automation and Chatbots to Boost Productivity of Your Team

The amount of information that needs to be processed by a person is sprouting every day. Therefore, you need to speed up the workflow, minimize errors, and increase work efficiency; that’s where automation ticks all the boxes.

One example of how you can remove repetitive tasks is using chatbots. Often, users are interested in very similar questions, so chatbots can accelerate the overwhelming work of a manager and give an answer at any time of the day. Thus, the user can make a purchase quicker.

The clothing brand H&M, for example, has created a chatbot on Kik. It asks users what style they prefer, offers photo options to choose from, and lets shoppers create their outfits. Users can also view and vote on the outfits created by others. Using this information, the bot creates a customized profile to make outfit suggestions and guide the client to purchasing.

Automation and Chatbots to Boost Productivity

Image credit: Datafloq

4. UGC Content to Humanize the Brand

UGC is any photo, video, or text created by a user, not a company. In most cases, consumers trust real people more when choosing a product. You can use this content to breathe life into your publications, bringing the brand closer to the public. It is a very important metric in terms of dragging traffic to your website and for customer acquisition.

Instagram possesses a vast capacity for user-generated content that you shouldn’t fail to take advantage of. For example, one of the largest pet store chains, PetSmart, encourages followers to add a #fortheloveofpets hashtag alongside the pictures of their beloved pets. As a result, top-notch pictures are reposted on the brand’s Instagram account, which has 705,000 followers.

UGC Content digital marketing

Screenshot from the official PetSmart Instagram account

5. Efficient Call-to-Action to Encourage Purchase

Broadly speaking, a call to action (CTA) refers to all the elements that induce a visitor to purchase a product or service. Depending on the marketer’s imagination and the subject of the resource, you can use texts, images, banners, and other elements of the site for the call.

In the field of sales, this most often means order buttons. Internet retailers rack their brains on how to make the shopping experience easier. ‘Calls to action’ are used to increase conversions; therefore, they should also be highlighted in some way or made to be attractive. They must stand out from the rest of the page interface, hence why these phrases are usually placed in brightly colored buttons.

As an example, here’s the main page on the BrandBags site. The “Shop Now” button is as simple as possible and lets visitors know they’ll be navigating to a product page or category in the store.

Efficient Call-to-Action digital marketing

Screenshot from the official BrandBags website

To Sum Up

It doesn’t matter which purposes you pursue in your marketing strategy. It may be stronger branding, increased engagement, better traffic, capturing prospects, optimizing conversions, generating sales, etc. You will certainly need to adjust to the demanding world of digital marketing. The product and pricing policy are beyond any doubt the fundamental criteria for the sales of an online store. However, how you set up your site, both from a technical and marketing perspective, will affect your competitiveness and sales volume.

Kate Parish bioAbout the Author: Kate Parish, Chief Marketing Officer at Onilab, has 8+ years in Digital Marketing and eCommerce web development promotion. Kate constantly upgrades her knowledge and skillset to stay fit in the progressing online world. She always does exhaustive research in SEO, Magento PWA development, and SMM before sharing her expertise with a wide audience.

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