#46 Behind a Legacy – What’s Behind a Legacy and How Can You Create One

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Episode #46 of the Coach Curl Podcast. Behind a Legacy

This week the world lost an absolute legend. A legend that never made the headlines, wasn’t a celebrity, he wasn’t an author, a business man, a digital marketer, a reality tv star. Welcome to the CoachCurl podcast where today we pay respect to Johno. Robin Johnson, wasn’t a Rockstar, but he was to the multiple generations of students that attended Corinda High here in Qld.. Everyone who attended Corinda has great memories of Johno, our lives were enhanced by knowing him and being educated by him.  He was the sportsmaster, led the PE team and so much more, for generations of students he was absolutely known for one big thing……….Dance.

Also we look at the new CO.STARTERS program kicking off in Brisbane courtesy of the ASPIN Group.


The Coach Curl Podcast supports Carters Cause, raising funds and awareness of children born with congenital heart disease. Your support is welcome at carterscause.org.au

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