#344 Ally Muller – Defeating the Valley of Death and the Innovation Graveyard

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Welcome to 344 of The Today’s Leaders Podcast, Building Tomorrows Best Leaders, Today. We have had a strong focus on culture and leadership well being and in this episode, we head back into the innovation space, or in this case, let’s call it INNERVATION, innovation from within corporations

Our guest today is Ally Muller. A leader in innovation and author of the book Corporate Innervation: Unlocking the Genius Inside Your Organisation, Ally works with CEOs, Leadership Teams, and Executives to rethink innovation to add real value to the bottom line.

Ally has incredible insight on:
– The Valley of death
– The Innovation graveyard
– On demand innovation
= Dealing with the Myths of Innovation

This is a podcast not to be missed

Connect with Ally:

Goya consulting goyaconsulting.com.au
Linkedin  https://www.linkedin.com/in/allisonrmuller/

If you are looking to build better leadership skills, check out The Today’s Leader website at todaysleader.com.au

Today’s Leader, Building Tomorrow’s Best Leaders, Today. Being the best leader today forging greater success tomorrow. The mindset to make a difference and the ability to create an impact. It really is about your very own leadership revolution. 

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Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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