#32 The DRAMA-FREE Workplace? Is it Really Possible?

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#32 The Drama Free Workplace – Can it Really Happen?

Our guest today subscribes not just to a great workplace but a DRAMA FREE workplace. Seriously NO DRAMAS. How much better would your worklife be if you were to work in aplace that was drama-free. Research tells us that workplaces with great culture perform at levels up to 50% better than those that don’t.

Michella Francis, “The No-Drama Queen”, from Venus Consulting shares with CoachCurl the tips and insights into creating a Drama Free Workplace and the key things to look for today to make your workplace one to be envied, not just for the cultural aspect but for the business performance. Michella is known as the NO-DRAMA QUEEN. 

Connect with Michella at Venus Consulting at venusconsulting.com.au 


Think and Grow Business – Growing Leaders Growing Business (thinkandgrowbusiness.com.au)

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Tony Curl
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