#30 Shift Happens But Not WHen You Focus on the Sh!t That Happens.

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Shift happens but not when you focus on the shit that happens. It has become a bit of a mantra recently. Shift happens but not when we focus on the shit that happens.

Like many my life changed when I became honest with myself and realised that the life I was living was not the life I wanted. There is more to life and it’s more than things and goods and status. When finally backed into a corner of trying to fit in someone else perception the choice became easy. Often we know there is more, but we get caught in our own lies and excuses until the pain of staying put, is unbearable. I hope that answers your question.

I now live for the experience of living life on my terms. In 18 days my friend Steve Maraboli visits us again from New York and sharing the stage again with him. I’ve spoken on stage in the US, workshops in Manila and try to progress my life every day. Experience life, the full gamut of emotions, what else is there. These experiences would not have happened if I hadn’t undertaken the shift to change.

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Tony Curl
Author: Tony Curl

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