3 Tools Your Small Business Needs to Have More Clients

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3 Tools Your Small Business Needs to Have More Clients social imageThere’s no doubt that every company, either an enterprise or a solopreneur, is in constant need of clients. Clients drive your business, help you succeed, and grow the revenue. Thus, your aim is to grab as many clients as possible. 

Yet, finding clients may be a stunning and time-consuming task. Firstly, you cannot find ready-made clients who are ready to spend their valuable money and buy from you. You need to generate leads and then, move them through the sales funnel. Secondly, how do you find clients? Spamming people doesn’t work, you need to be relevant and to the point.

Let me show you how you can easily generate leads. Email is considered the most business-like method of communication with customers and leads. This is why I’d like to educate you on how to find the potential clients’ email addresses.  

There are only three tools you need: an email finder and a checker to find emails and email drip campaign tools to convert leads into loyal paying customers.

An email finder to generate leads

An email finder is a tool that professionals use to get the email addresses of their target audience. Such tools are reliable as you are responsible for the performed search. Just perform the filtered search on any webpage, find people that may become your potential clients, and receive the emails with the help of an email finder. 

On the web, there are dozens of such tools, from downloadable software to browser extensions. Which one to choose? 

The best solution is SaaS platforms. And here are the reasons why:

  • Everything is in the cloud: you do not have to download anything, you simply need a browser and the internet connection
  • Most SaaS platforms have browser extensions that allow you to find clients fast
  • Platforms are affordable
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Ease of integration with other platforms

There are a few options about where you can generate leads from:

  • LinkedIn is the best for searching for leads, especially, if you are a B2B-oriented company. You can scan thousands of professional profiles in a matter of minutes. Don’t forget, your aim is to remain professional. So reach out to those only who are interested in your offer and don’t turn into a spammer.
  • Brands have their contact email addresses in open access on the company website. An email finder helps you get their emails faster.  
  • If you know the market or a company you want to reach out to, search for it on the search engine results page or a web directory. Activate the email finder extension and get the emails.  

An email verifier to be sure the email addresses are safe

There’s no sense in sending emails right and left as your sender reputation may be damaged. One reason for this is sharing messages to invalid email addresses. This is where an email verifier comes into action to help you get sure the found emails are safe. 

An email verifier is a tool that checks email addresses for validity. It defines which of the emails are valid and safe to send emails to and which ones are not. If an email checker is a reliable one, it conducts a few checks with each email:

  • Syntax check to ensure the email is written correctly
  • Gibberish check to be sure the address doesn’t look like a character set
  • Domain existence check to verify the domain name is real and can receive messages
  • MX record check to be sure the domain name gets emails
  • Catch-all domain check to exclude unsafe email addresses
  • SMTP authentication (email address ping) to check if the email address can receive emails

Thanks to an email verifier, you get:

  • A clean email list that guarantees a low bounce rate 
  • Reduced hard bounces that provide high email deliverability
  • Improved email deliverability that leads to high sender reputation
  • High sender’s reputation proves your reliability as a sender to the email provider

An email drip campaign tool to reach out to leads, nurture them and convert

91% of surveyed marketers report that automation is important to the success of their company. 

biggest marketing automation link

Source: GetResponse

One of the email marketing automation solutions is email drip campaigns. These are email campaigns sent to people automatically over long periods of time depending on the recipients’ interaction with the received message.

Triggered email campaigns with schedules allow you to always be on time when people are the most open to emails. Define the best time to send emails, schedule the campaign, add triggers and/or delays, and start the campaign. From this very moment, automation comes into action, and you do not have to send emails manually. 

The remaining task is to analyze the campaign performance: opens, clicks, unsubscribers, etc. This information gives insights into whether the campaign is working and if there’s something that needs improvement. 

Such a tool opens doors to new opportunities for you:

  • Reach out to leads with automated personalized follow-ups, start a conversation with them and promote your brand
  • Help leads go through all the stages of the sales funnel
  • Convert leads into prospects and prospects into clients
  • Onboard your customers
  • Nurture clients to have loyal ones
  • Re-engage and get the lost customers back

Professionals know what you as a small business or a solopreneur need. Thus, a few companies have created all-in-one platforms that provide all the above-mentioned tools in one package. 

These give you an opportunity to not only have all tools under one roof but save money as well as time. 

Helen HolovachAbout the  Author: Helen Holovach is a dedicated copywriter for Snovio. She is crazy about email copywriting and recent digital marketing trends, thorough research and stats. When not working, she listens to audiobooks, sits by a campfire or sings songs to a guitar. 

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