15 Mistakes Not To Make In Your Digital Marketing Approach

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15 Mistakes Not To Make In Your Digital Marketing Approach IGMarketing is an essential practice in any organization, and now everything has gone digital, the possibilities are almost endless. Not only is the world of digital marketing exciting, but it is also constantly evolving, and the potential is huge. At the same time, there are mistakes to be avoided at all costs in your digital marketing approach. Here are the top 15:

1. Not starting with a user profile

Any marketing approach needs to begin with a deep understanding of who your target audience is. Research needs to manifest into a detailed user profile, including everything from age and geographical location to motivations to buy. From this, your whole digital marketing approach is born.

2. Not knowing your audience

If there is no user profile, you don’t know your audience. Or you may not know enough about them to really exploit the opportunity. Get to know your audience as deeply as possible, and in particular understand how they engage in the digital space, and what is the starting point for wanting your product or service.

3. Not developing a brand voice

Now you know your audience, what kind of message do you want your brand to send out. How you engage with your audience will depend on how you see yourself as a brand and a product. Think clearly how you want to be seen, and then execute everything accordingly.

4. Not having goals

What exactly do you want to achieve with your audience and with your brand voice? Is it about selling, or engaging? Is it about awareness or promoting a special offer? Always have an objective in mind which is built into your strategy, and everyone should be working towards the same end goal.

5. Not selecting the right social media channel

Your audience is all on Snapchat and you are using Facebook. This is a really basic mistake to make and goes back to fully understanding your user profile, and adapting your approach accordingly. Research which demographics use which platforms, and select accordingly.

6. Not keeping tabs on the competition

Getting obsessed is definitely the wrong approach. However, keeping a watchful eye on how your competitors engage with their audience is just smart business, and you can ape what it is that they do well.

7. Not blending your approach

Your digital marketing strategy needs to include not too much of any one thing. Blending means using a combination of text, pictures, videos, infographics, games, social media posts and anything else that can engage your audience.

8. Only trying to sell

making a sale

Right, so ultimately it’s about making a sale, but if you go straight to the point, it may scare off your audience. Instead seek engagement, which then gently pushes users down your sales funnel.

9. Not having a joined-up strategy

Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing? Is every activity you participate in part of a greater plan? Your digital marketing approach must be fully integrated so that everything fits into the bigger picture.

10. Not having a strategy at all

This can be fatal for your digital marketing efforts. Have a plan at the very least as to what it is you hope to achieve. It’s just common sense. 

11. Not automating your approach

The software is now freely available to ensure that your digital marketing approach is fully automated, so why are you still wasting time on manual tasks which are time-consuming and inefficient?

12. Overspending on paid ads

Paid ads are useful, no doubt. They are especially useful for gaining data. However, blowing your entire budget on this approach is nonsensical, as you are failing to utilize the blended approach as mentioned previously.

13. Not using analytics

using analytics image

Are you analysing your marketing approach? Do you have hard data to show you where your sales are coming from? How is your audience engaging with your brand? If you don’t know, you have missed a massive trick.

14. Not knowing or defining who’s in charge

Your digital marketing team should really encompass everyone in your organization, as each and every individual most contribute in some way, from product development to sales.

However, tasks need to be defined and assigned, with a clear process that does not involve duplication of roles, and holds a particular person responsible for each stage of the approach. Joining up your strategy, and automation, as mentioned before, will help here greatly.

15. Not investing in digital marketing

For you, marketing is an afterthought and something that you invest in only if a bit of spare cash is left at the end of the month. This is a disastrous approach, and you will feel the consequences sooner or later. 

Ellie CoverdaleAbout the Author: A marketing and career blogger at UK Writings, Ellie Coverdale keeps busy. A mother of two boys, researching lifestyles and work trends in North America is a passion of hers. Digital nomad and flexible work arrangements are also topics that interest her as a world traveller.

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